Shamtrues. JBa.87 --- Gin ye kiss my wife,I'll tell the Minister,aka. JBa.87 --- Sean Triubhas,aka. JBa.87

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X number   88
Title   Shamtrues. JBa.87, Gin ye kiss my wife,I'll tell the Minister,aka. JBa.87, Sean Triubhas,aka. JBa.87
Area   Carlisle
Bibliography   Village Music project, Barnes, Joseph
Country   England
History   See 'The Caledonian Companion' - two part version. 'This was originally, a tune for the Sean Triubhas, an ancient highland dance . . .' This, version transposed to same notes as MS would be in F major - or a mode, having that key signature. Is 'Shambuco' a phonetic mishearing of 'Sean, Triubhas'?CGr.
Length   1/4
Notes   Also aka Devil stick the minister,aka shaun truish willichan.1 - No bar, line 2 - Not marked as triplet 3 - is it a mistake, a chordor an, alternative 4 - Starred notes shown as crochets and no bar line.5 -, Shown as crochets..CGr.
Rhythm   .Misc
Source   Joseph Barnes MS,Carlisle,1762.
Tempo   1/2=80
Transcriber   vmp.C.Graebe.
Body   "_No key/time sig,see note"A,D/-D/ (F/E/) C |\
F (E/D/) G/E/ C/E/ | A, D/D/ (F/E/) C "1" |\
F"2" (3(F/E/D/) C A,/A,/ :||:!
A/c/ A/F/ G/B/ G/E/ |A/c/ A/F/ G"3" (E/E/) |\
A/c/ A/F/ G/B/ G/E/|F (E/D/) C A,/A,/ ||!
A d-d f/ e A | f (e/d/) g/e/ c/e/ |\
"4"A "*"d/-"*"d/ f e/c/ | f ("*"e/"*"d/) c "*"A/"*"A/ ||!
f "5"(g/4f/4e/4d/4) e "5"(a/4g/4f/4e/4) |\
a "5"(b/4a/4g/4f/4) g ("*"e/"*"e/) |\
a ("5"b/4a/4"*"g/4"*"f/4) g ("5"a/4g/4f/4e/4) |\
f (e/d/) A A/-A/ |]

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Barnes, Joseph

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