Bass Minuet. TBe.017

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X number   17
Title   Bass Minuet. TBe.017
Bibliography   Village Music project, Bennet, Thomas
Country   England
History   1718
Length   1/4
Notes   This is titled "Bass Minuet" but is written in the treble clef and it, is not clear to which, if any of the minuets, this is the bass.C.Gr., Perhaps it's for Bass Viol? It certainly doesn't fit under any of the other minuets.
Rhythm   .Minuett
Source   Thomas Bennet MS,1718, VWML
Tempo   1/4=100
Transcriber   vmp.C. Graebe..
Body   C | F/E/F/G/ F | C F2 | GAB | A d/c/ d |\
c F2 | B B,A, | G,GE | F3 ||!
c | f/e/f/g/f/g/ | ea2 | d b/a/ b | g c'2 |\
dbd | ca2 | d g/f/g/e/ f3 |]

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Bennet, Thomas

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