Arne's Jig. JBi.42 --- Aron's Maggot,aka. JBi.42

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Albertine-Walzer CF (wz06801) -- Basel II. Tänze aus Augst. S.6-42.
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X number   43
Title   Arne's Jig. JBi.42, Aron's Maggot,aka. JBi.42
Area   Yorkshire
Bibliography   Village Music project, Biggins, James
Composer   Thomas Arne? 1710-1778
Country   England
Length   1/8
Notes   Very like Aron's Maggot from Vicker's Ms 1770, Aron =Thomas Arne? 1710, - 78 composer, perhaps. . This is a reel despite Mr Arne calling it, variously a jig and a maggot. (thats just me being peevish). CGP
Rhythm   .Reel
Source   James Biggins MS, Leeds, 1779.
Tempo   1/4=150
Transcriber   vmp.Nick Barber & Chris Partington
Body   G2BG (B/c/d) BG|F2AF (A/B/c) AF|\
G2BG (B/c/d) gB|cAdB|G/G/GG2:|!
|:d|g2bg afed|e2f2gagd|g2bg afed|(e/f/g) (f/g/a)Tg3B|!
ceAc BdGB|Aagf edcB|ceAc BdGB|(A/B/c) AFG4:|

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Biggins, James

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