Count Brown's March(secundo). JBi.83 --- Bodmin Riding March(secundo),aka. JBi.83 --- Capt. Brown's March(secundo),aka. JBi.83

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X number   84
Title   Count Brown's March(secundo). JBi.83, Bodmin Riding March(secundo),aka. JBi.83, Capt. Brown's March(secundo),aka. JBi.83
Area   Yorkshire
Bibliography   Village Music project, Biggins, James
Country   England
Notes   There is enough here for you to reconstruct if necessary, however, you, will have to look elsewhere for the Primo part (eg,B.Cooke,Jos Barnes, MSs) as Mr Biggins has omitted it..CGP,...
Rhythm   .March
Source   James Biggins MS, Leeds, 1779
Tempo   160
Transcriber   vmp.Chris Partington
Body   "_As Written, no key sig in ms"AB/c/|d2d2d2d2|dcde dede|!
|:ABc2ccd2cBAG A4|def2f2f2g2|fedcd2|!
fe ((3ded) ((3AdA) F2|f-ed2A2F2|fed2A2F2Dfed|A6:|!
|:z|zAB/c/|dAFA dAFA|dcde dAFA|!
cd|cBAG cBAG|edcBA2|de fFFf eFFe|!
d2A2F4|fed2A2F2|cBA2BA GAGD|fed2AF DfedA4|]

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Biggins, James

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