Flowers of Edinburgh,The. JBs.009

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X number   9
Title   Flowers of Edinburgh,The. JBs.009
Area   North Shropshire
Bibliography   Village Music project, Blackshaw, James
Length   1/8
Notes   Blackshaw's first attempt at this tune is very odd, it appears in a, more successful version later..T.W. Nevertheless there are some, interesting bits..CGP.
Source   Jas.Blackshaw MS, 1837, N.Shropshire
Transcriber   Tony Weatherall 2006
Body   F|"unedited"D2EF2GA|BGBd cBAG|F3E DEFG|AFdF E3F|!
DEFD GFGA|(3BAG (3Bcd (3gab|A2A>AA3:|!
|:AB/c/|d2df g>fd>A|B2G>GG2e>f|g2g>fe2d2|c2A>AA2A/B/c/|!
d>cd>c d>cd>f|e>dc>BA2g2|d2cd|edef g2g2|dBAG GFGA|B2G2G2|]

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Blackshaw, James

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