March of 4 Dragoons Gards. JBs.055 --- 4th Dragoons Guards March,aka. JBs.055

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4th Dragoon's March. HS.01
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X number   55
Title   March of 4 Dragoons Gards. JBs.055, 4th Dragoons Guards March,aka. JBs.055
Area   North Shropshire
Bibliography   Village Music project, Blackshaw, James
Length   1/8
Rhythm   March
Source   Jas.Blackshaw MS, 1837, N.Shropshire
Tempo   1/4=100
Transcriber   T. Weatherall 2006
Body   G2G>GG2 Bc|dB G>G G2 cd|e>c g2d>Bg2|gfag fedc|!
B>dB>G A>cA>F|GBcd efga|bgfg fed^c|d2d>dd2 z2:|!
|:a2 a>a ac'ba|g2g>g gbag|fedg fedc|B2A>A A2z2|!
G2 G>G GBcd|ec a2f>d g2|B>dc>e A>cD>F|G2G>G G2z2:|!
|:B4A2A>A|G4FGAB|(dc)cc cBBB|dccc A2z2|!
d4 c2c>c|B4ABcd|e>cc>A A>GG>F|F4G2z2:|!
|:"solo"f2a>ae2z2|g2b>bg2z2|dBcd efga|g4f2z2|!
B4A2A>A|d2d>dc2c2|B2(3AcA G2F2|F4G2z2:|

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Blackshaw, James

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