16th of October,The. BF11.22 --- La Belle Catherine,aka. BF11.22 --- Come Dance and Sing,aka. BF11.22

March in the 15th Regt. JJo.017 -- 15th Regt March. JJo.017Tune list
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March of the 15th. Regiment. TLY.018 -- 15th Regt. March. TLY.018
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X number   22
Title   16th of October,The. BF11.22, La Belle Catherine,aka. BF11.22, Come Dance and Sing,aka. BF11.22
Area   Lakes
Bibliography   Village Music project, Browne 11
Composer   Hand of James Lishman
Country   England
Length   1/16
Mirrorred-From   http://www.village-music-project.org.uk/abc/browne11.abc
Rhythm   .March
Source   MS11,c1800?.,Browne Coll.,Lakes
Tempo   1/4=100
Transcriber   vmp.Cherri Graebe.
Body   z2|d4 fede|f2d2d2c2|B4efed|c2A2A2c2|!
d4fede|f2d2d2c2|B2e2 {d}c2Bc|d4D2:|!
|:AG|F2A2A2G2|F2A2A2G2|F2A2d2f2|d2cB A2G2|!
F2A2A2G2|F2A2A2c2|d2f2 gfed|a4"^D.C."A2:|

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