Chips and Shavins. BF14.07

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X number   8
Title   Chips and Shavins. BF14.07
Area   Lakes
Bibliography   Village Music project, Browne14
Country   England
Length   1/8
Notes   The last 2 bars are continued along the bottom of the next page and, don't really make a, great deal of sense.Since this collection has more or less dropped into, pieces perhaps there is a page missing, in which case these two bars, look as though they should be on the end of Calder Fair... CGP
Rhythm   .Reel
Source   MS14,Browne "D",early 19thC,Troutbeck,W'morland
Tempo   1/4=100
Transcriber   vmp.Chris Partington
Body   c|dAFA G2 (FE)|DFAF GEEc|dAFA G2 (FE)|DBAG FDD:|!
|:f|dfaf g2 fe|dfaf geef|dfaf g2 (fe)|dBAG FDDf|!
dfaf g2 fe|dfaf geef/a/||"_On next page-see notes"fgfe dcBA|Bdced2|]

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