Portugese. JC.006

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X number   6
Title   Portugese. JC.006
Area   Northamptonshire
Bibliography   Village Music project, Clare, John
Country   England
Length   1/8
Mirrorred-From   http://www.village-music-project.org.uk/abc/clare J.abc
Notes   MS time sig is 5/4 in ms. This is convincing proof to me that, Clare,Poet, wasn't merely copying tunes from printed sources all the time , and, that he may have been trying to make an accurate transcription of a, performance. Whether he was entirely successful or not, given some of, the grammatical problems with some of the tunes, is problematical, to, say the least. Nevertheless, this tune and others in this MS would, repay some very close study with fiddle in hand. CGP...
Rhythm   Misc.
Source   John Clare,Poet,Helpston. (1793-1864)
Tempo   1/4=120
Transcriber   vmp.P. Headford
Body   " NB"d2fff|\
gfe f|e/d/ cde|cde d f>ff|g>fe f|df gfd2|cB cd:|!
|:e2e|cA defe|e2e2|cA defe|ageg e|ef e|de fgd|edc A2c2d2:|

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Clare, John

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