a Bagpipe Hornpipe

Bluemättler (Naturjuiz) Bb ABAC -- Adolf Zimmermann (30.3.1919-18.7.2002) -- Dirigenten-Notiz, Edi GasserTune list
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dr Rotzbärger (Natur-Juiz) Bb ABACC -- Adolf Zimmermann (30.3.1919-18.7.2002) -- Dirigenten-Notiz, Edi Gasser
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X number   45
Title   a Bagpipe Hornpipe
Bibliography   John of the Greeny Cheshire Way
Country   England
Length   1/8
Notes   © John Offord, Reproduced with permission
Rhythm   Triple Hornpipe
Transcriber   Steve Bliven (bliven@massed.net)
UploadedFrom   Greeny.abc
Body   P:1
e2 A2 BcdB c4 | ^G2 B4 d2 BcdB | e2 A2 BcdB c4 | E2 A4 c2 BcdB ||
=g2 f2 dfge B4 | e2 c2 efge BcdB | g2 f2 efge B4 | e2 a2 e2 A2 BcBA ||
e2 a2 e2 A2 e2 a2 | ^G2 B2 d2 c2 BcdB | e2 a2 e2 A2 e2 a2 | c2 A2 e2 A2 BcBA ||
e2 d2 cdec e2 a2 | =g2 e2 gage BcdB | e2 cdec e2 a2 e2 | ^g2 e2 g2 a2 gfge ||
a3 e =gega g4 | G2 B4 d2 BcdB | a3 e gega e4 | e2 a4 e2 BcBA ||
c3 A E2 GF E4 | c2 A2 e2 fe BcdB | c3 A E2 GF E4 | a2 A2 c2 A2 e2 A2 |]

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John of the Greeny Cheshire Way

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