Atkins Menagerie (Air from). CJF.129 --- Air from Atkins Menagerie. CJF.129

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Air in L'Offronde et Terpsichord. RH.376
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X number   129
Title   Atkins Menagerie (Air from). CJF.129, Air from Atkins Menagerie. CJF.129
Area   East Yorkshire
Bibliography   Village Music project, Fox, Charles
Country   England
Length   1/16
Notes   I have added the leading d2 to allow the tune to play correctly., The asterisked note is g2 in MS. - PJH., B: Kidson Coll.Mitchell Lib.M1805
Rhythm   Air
Source   C.J.Fox MS, 1829/33, Beverley,E.Yorks.
Tempo   1/8=140
Transcriber   vmp.P J Headford 200
Body   d2|">"g4">"^g4|">"a4">"^a4|b2a2 g2f2|\
g2g2g2 Bc|dedc d2g2|b4 a4|!
^gaga =gfed|g2d'2d'2 Bc|dedc d2g2|\
">"b4">"^g4|a2a2 gfef|g4 z2:|!
|:d'd'|d'2f2g2^g2|aba^g a2 d'd'|\
d'2f2 g2^g2|aba^g a2 d'd'|!
d'2f2 g2^g2|a2f2 a4|g2g2 e2e2|\
f4z4|agfe a2a2|f4.b2(ge)|!
.a2(fd) .A2(Bc)|dedc d2g2|b4 g4|\
^gaga =gfed|g2b2 d'2 Bc|dedc d2g2|!
b4g4|fac'a gfef|"*"g4 z2H:||:"Trio"d2|c'2b2 a2g2|!
{g}f2e2 f2d2|.g2.a2 .b2.c'2|d'2c'e' d'2b2|\
.c'2b2 a2g2|f2(eg) f2d2|g2(fa) g2(fa)|g4" Da Capo"z2:|

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Fox, Charles

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