Glee,A,3voices. JGi.088 --- Here's a Health to All Good Lasses,aka. JGi.088

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X number   88
Title   Glee,A,3voices. JGi.088, Here's a Health to All Good Lasses,aka. JGi.088
Bibliography   Village Music project, Gibbons, Joshua
Country   Tealby,Lincolnshire
Length   1/8
Rhythm   glee
Source   Joshua Gibbons MS,1823,Tealby,Lincs.
Tempo   1/4=110
Transcriber   VMP/R.Greig, 2009
Body   [V:1]cd ec|fedc|efge|agfe|g>ggg|aggf|
[V:3]z4|z4|z4|z4|C>C CC|CC G,G,|
[V:1]ff f/g/a|gffe|g>g aa|gBc2|g>g aa|gBc2|z2gg|
[V:2]dd d/e/f|eddc|e>e ff|ede2|e>e ff|edc2|z4|
[V:3]G,G, G,G,/G,/|G,G, CC|C>C F,F,|G,G, C2|C>C F,F,|G,G,C,2|z4|
[V:1](g4|g4|g4|g4|g2)c'>c'|ge fd|
[V:2]z2ef|ge ed|ee ef|ge fd|ee f>f|ec dB|
[V:3]z2C,D,|E,C, F,B,,|C,C, C,D,|E,C, D,B,,|C,C, F,>F,|G,G, G,G,|
[V:1]e2c'>c'|ge fd|c2z2|gafd|z4|gafd|z4|g>g gg|
[V:2]c2 f>f|ec dB|c2z2|ef dB|z4|ef dB|z4|e>e ee|
[V:3]C2F,>F,|G,G, G,G,|C,2z2|z4|G/A/B/G/ cc|z4|G/A/B/G/ cc|c>c cc|
[V:1]aggf|ff f/g/a|gffe|g>g aa|gBc2|g>g aa|gBc2||
[V:2]feed|dd d/e/f|eddc|e>e ff|ede2|e>eff|edc2||
[V:3]cc GG|G,G, G,/2G,/2G,|G,G, CC|C>C F,F,|G,G,C2|C>C F,F,|G,G, C,2||

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Gibbons, Joshua

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