March in the Battle of Prague,2voices. JGi.109

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X number   109
Title   March in the Battle of Prague,2voices. JGi.109
Bibliography   Village Music project, Gibbons, Joshua
Country   Tealby,Lincolnshire
Length   1/8
Rhythm   march
Source   Joshua Gibbons MS,1823,Tealby,Lincs.
Tempo   1/4=120
Transcriber   VMP/R.Greig, 2009
Body   [V:1]|:f2f>ff2 g/f/e/d/|{d}c2c>cc2 a>f|{e}d2b>g{f}e2g>e|f2f>ff2ag|
[V:1]g2ef gg(ag)|{f}g2de ff(gf)|ed/e/ (g/f/).e/.d/c2=B2|c2c>cc2z2:|
[V:2]e2cd eefe|d2=Bc dded|c2B/A/G/F/2E2D2|E2E>EE2z2:|
[V:1]|:c2c>d e>fg>a|b2g>ba2a>b|(c'a).f.f b>ga>f|g2c>cc2A>B|
[V:2]|:c2c=B c>de>f|g2e>gf2fg|(af)cce2f2|f2E>EE2F>G|
[V:1]c2d>ef2a>f|e2b>ga2(3cfa|c'aff (ag)fe|f2f>ff2z2:|
[V:2]A2B>Gc2fc|c2g>ef2(3Ace|afAA cBAG|A2A>AA2z2:|

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Gibbons, Joshua

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