New Portugese Hymn. WHG.062 --- The 103 Ps Nw Portugese Hymn. WHG.062

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12th of August,The. RH.132
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X number   63
Title   New Portugese Hymn. WHG.062, The 103 Ps Nw Portugese Hymn. WHG.062
Area   Bampton, Oxfordshire
Bibliography   Village Music project, Giles, William
Composer   John Francis Wade (1743)
Country   England
History   donated by Mrs W.R.Kettlewell to VWML,Apr 1927.
Length   1/4
Notes   Better known as "O Come All Ye Faithful" by, Frederick Oakeley or "Adeste Fideles" by John, Francis Wade (1743). MS has c2 for last note., The Portuguese name is due to an error by the, Duke of Leeds.
Rhythm   hymn
Source   W.H.Giles MS,Bampton,Oxfordshire,1839p64
Tempo   1/2=100
Transcriber   PJHeadford - VMP 2009
Body   c2 Gc|d2 G2|ec ef|e2 dc|\
c2 (BA)|(Bc) (de)|B2 A>G|G4||
g2 fe|f2 e2|de cd|B>A Gc|\
(cB) (cd)|c2 Ge|
(ed) (ef)|e2 de|\
(fe) (dc)|B2 cd|e2 d>c|Hc4|]

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Giles, William

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