148 Psalm New Ver.. WHG.073

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149th Psalm. JMP.105
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X number   74
Title   148 Psalm New Ver.. WHG.073
Area   Bampton, Oxfordshire
Bibliography   Village Music project, Giles, William
Composer   by Cark
Country   England
History   donated by Mrs W.R.Kettlewell to VWML,Apr 1927.
Length   1/8
Mirrorred-From   http://www.village-music-project.org.uk/abc/gileswh.abc
Notes   A slip of the pen? By Thomas Clark? The d2 in bar 4, is nor a grace note in the MS. There is no final rest, in the MS. * - in each bar, the note length is 8 in MS.
Rhythm   hymn
Source   W.H.Giles MS,Bampton,Oxfordshire,1839p73
Tempo   1/2=90
Transcriber   PJHeadford - VMP 2009
Body   "^Sym"A2|d2d2 cB AG|F4z2A2|d2A2 df ed||({d2}c4)z2e2|\
c2A2 d2B2|c2f2 e2d2|c4 B4|A4 z2A2|
d4 e4|f4 z2d2|B2e2 A2f2|g2A2 B2e2|d4 c4|"*"d6||\
"^Chorus"A2|d2d2 cBAG|F4 z2A2|d2f2 f2d2|e4 z2e2|
c2A2 ^G2A2|B2d2 c2f2|(e2d2) (c2B2)|A4z2"^Sym"e2|\
c2e2 f2g2|a2^gf e2d2|c4 B4|"*"A6||
A2|d4 e4|f4 z2d2|B2e2 A2d2|G2B2 E2A2|\
(ABcd) e2f2|g4 z2f2|
(f2e2) (d2c2)|d6"^Sym"f2|\
g2b2 e2g2|f2a2 d2f2|f4 e4|"*"d6|]

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Giles, William

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