Maggie Lawder with Variations. RH.017

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X number   17
Title   Maggie Lawder with Variations. RH.017
Area   Temple Sowerby,Cumbria
Bibliography   Village Music project, Harrison, Rev. R.
Country   England
Length   1/16
Notes   Probably won't fit on your page unless you alter the scale..CGP
Rhythm   Air
Source   Rev.R.Harrison's MS,c1815,Cumbria
Tempo   1/2=60
Transcriber   vmp.Simon Wilson. Review PJH, 2008.
Body   d3e d3f d3e d3f|e3f gfed c4 (e3f/g/)|\
f2d2 d2d2 d3e d2f2|a3b (abag) f4 a4|!
g3a g2b2 f2g2 f2a2|e3f (gfed) c4 e4|\
(dcBA) (BAGF) (GFED) E3g|fga2 e3f d4 D4:|!
|:(fg)a2 d2g2 (fgaf) d2f2|e3f (gfed) c4 e4|\
(fga2) d2g2 (fga2) d3f|a2b2 abag f4 a4|!
(gfga) g2b2 (fefg) f2a2|e3f gfed c4 e4|\
(dcBA) (BAGF) (GFED) E3g|(fga2) e3f d4 D4:|!
"Var. 1st"
|:D3E D2g2 agfe d3f|e3f gfed c4 e4|\
D3E D2g2 fgaf defg|agab abag f4 a4|!
(gd)(bd) (gd)(ad) (fd)(af) (fd)(af)|\
e3f gfed c4 e4|e3f d4 D4:|!
|:(fgaf) dAeg (fgaf) dAdf|e3f (gfed) c4 e4|\
(fgaf) dAeg (fgaf) defg|ad'c'b agfg f4 a4|!
g2b4ag f2a4gf|e3f gfed c4 e4|\
(dcBA) (BAGF) (GFED) E3g|(fg)a2 e3f d4 D4:|!
"Var. 2nd"
|:fadf AdFA D3F D2f2|e3f gfed c4 (e3f/g/)|\
fadf AdFd D3E D2f2|a3b abag f4 a4|!
(gb)(bd') (d'b)(ag) (fa)(ac') (c'a)(gf)|\
(efgf) (edcd)c4 e4|\
(dcBA) (BAGF) (GFED) E3g|(fga2) e3f d4D4:|!
|:DFAd Adfa dfad' d3f|(efgf) (edcd) c4 e4|\
DFAd Adfa dfad' defg|(agab) abag f4 a4|!
bgdB G3b afdA F3a|e3f gfed c4 e4|\
(dcBA) (BAGF) (GFED) F3g|(fga2) e3f d4 D4:|!
"Var. 3rd"
|:d3e d2fg agfe defd|e2E2 gfed c4 (e3f/g/)|\
fdcd dcdd dABc defg|agab abag f4 a4|!
bgdB Gdgb afdA "sic"Fdfa|e3f gfed c4 e4|\
(dcBA) (BAGF) (GFED) F3g|(fga2) e3f d4 D4:|!
|:fadf AdFA DFAd FAdf|efef gfed c4 e3f/g/|\
fadf AdFA DFAd FAdf|agab abag f4 a4|!
(bg)(dg) bgd'b (af)(df) (af)(d'f)|(efe)f (gfed) c4 e4|\
(3dcB (3cBA (3BAG (3AGF (3GFE (3FED E3g|\
(fgaf) (efge) d4 D4:|

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Harrison, Rev. R.

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