And Are Ye Sure.2voices RH.404 --- Nae Good Luck,aka.Vars. RH.404

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X number   404
Title   And Are Ye Sure.2voices RH.404, Nae Good Luck,aka.Vars. RH.404
Area   Temple Sowerby,Cumbria
Bibliography   Village Music project, Harrison, Rev. R.
Country   England
Length   1/16
Rhythm   air
Source   Rev.R.Harrison's MS,c1815,Cumbria
Tempo   2/4=40
Transcriber   vmp.Simon Wilson. Review PJH, 2008.
Voice   1 name="primo", 2 name="secundo"
Body   [V:1]|:d2|" Doloroso"d4f3d g4 g3b|d3ef3d e6f2|d4f3d g3ab3d'|a3gf3e d4z2:|
[V:2]|:z2|F2A2d2A2 B2d2B2G2|F2A2c2A2 c2A2G2A2|F2A2d2A2 B2d2g2d2|\
f3ed3c d2c2F2:|
[V:1]|:"^B" a2|d'3ba3f g4g3b|d'3ba3f e6c'2|d'3ba3f g3ab3d'|a3gf3e d4z2:|
[V:2]|:z2|F2d2f2d2 B2d2B2d2|B2g2f2e2 c2A2e2g2|f2d2f2d2 B2d2f2d2|\
f3ed3c d2A2F2:|
[V:1] "^ C"|:a^g/a/|d'c'ba gfed gfed cBAG|.F2.A2.d2.f2 e4(a2bc')|\
d'c'ba gfed ^gaba gfed|c2a2^g2b2 a4z2:|
[V:2]|:A2|(d2f2)z4 (e2g2)z4|D2F2A2d2 c4z2A2|(d2f2)z4 (B2e2)z4|\
.A2.c2.B2.d2 c4z2:|
[V:1] "^D"c'a|e'd'c'b agfe defg abc'd'|e'd'c'b agfe defg abc'd'|\
G2d'2A2c'2 G2b2F2a2|E2g2 D2^g2 (a2^ga) {gab} az2 d|
[V:2] A2|gfed cBAG GABc defg|gfed cBAG FGAB cdef|\
.g2.b2 z2.a2 z2.g2 z2.f2|z2.e2 z2.d2 c4 z2z2|
[V:1] d4f3d g4g3b|d3ef3d e6f2|d4f3d g3ab3d'|a3gf3e d6A2|
[V:2] .F2.A2.d2.A2 .B2.d2.G2z2|.F2.A2.d2.A2 .c2.A2.G2.A2|\
.F2.A2.d2.A2 .B2.d2 .G2.g2|f3ed3c d2A2F2z2|
[V:1] ((3d2e2c2) (3d2e2f2 (3g2a2f2 (3g2a2b2|((3a2b2c'2) (3.d'2.b2.f2 e6A2|\
((3d2e2).c2 ((3d2e2).f2 ((3g2a2).f2 ((3g2a2).b2|\
((3a2f2).d2 (3.g2.e2.c2 d4z2a2|
[V:2] F2 z2d2z2 B2z2 G2z2|F2z2 D2z2 A3ce3G|F2z2 d2z2 B2z2 G2z2|\
F3AE2G2 ((3F2A2d2) D2z2|
[V:1] d'3ba3f g4g3b|d'3ba3f e6c'2|d'3ba3f g3ab3c'|a3gf3e d4z2a2|
[V:2] d4=c4 B4G4|F2z2 D3d c3B A3G|F2z2 d2z2 B4G2g2|f3ed3c ((3d2A2F2) D2z2|
[V:1] ((3d'2c'2b2) (3.a2.g2.f2 (3g2a2^a2 (3.b2=c'2^c'2|\
(3.d'2.c'2.b2 (3.a2.g2.f2 e4z2a/b/c'|\
(3.d'2.c'2.b2 (3.a2.g2.f2 ((3.^g2.a2.^a2) (3.b2.=c'2.^c'2|\
(3d'2a2f2 (3g2e2c2 (3d2e2c2 (3d2e2c2|]
[V:2] f2z2 d2z2 B2z2 G2z2|F2z2 D2z2 A3ce3g|f2z2 d2z2 B2z2 G2z2|\
F3AE3G ((3F2A2c2)D4|]

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Harrison, Rev. R.

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