Lee Riggs with variations. RH.485 --- Lea Riggs with variations. RH.485

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X number   485
Title   Lee Riggs with variations. RH.485, Lea Riggs with variations. RH.485
Area   Temple Sowerby,Cumbria
Bibliography   Village Music project, Harrison, Rev. R.
Country   England
Length   1/16
Mirrorred-From   http://www.village-music-project.org.uk/abc/HARRISON.ABC
Notes   Won't fit on one page, you must either shrink it, down in page layout, or split it over two pages..CGP, Pointless set of variations on The Lollipop Man. PJH.
Rhythm   march
Source   Rev.R.Harrison's MS,c1815,Cumbria
Tempo   2/4=50
Transcriber   vmp.Simon Wilson. Review PJH, 2008.
Body   fe|d/e/f A2A2B2 d3ed2f2|e3f gfed d/e/f B2B2 fe|\
d/e/f A2A2B2 d3ed2d'2|b3a bc'd'c' f2d2d2:|\
|:b2|babc' d'2f2 gfga d'2f2|edef gfed d/e/f B2B2 fe|\
d/e/f A2A2B2 d3ed2d'2|babc' d'abg f2d2d2:|\
|:fe|"1st"d2A2F2D2 d2A2f2A2|eAfA gfed d/e/f B2B2 fe|\
d2A2F2D2 a2d2b2d2|d'c'ba faea f2d2d2:|\
|:bc'|"2nd"d'dfa bdfa d'dfa bdfa|d'c'ba gfed d/e/f B2B2 fe|\
dDFA BDFA dDFA BDFA|d'c'ba faea f2d2d2:|\
|:fe|"3rd"d2f2A2d2 F2A2D2A2|e3a gfed d/e/f B2B2 fe|\
d2fd A2dA F2AF D2d'c'|babc' d'abg f2d2d2:|\
|:a2|"4th"b3g Bgbg a3f Afaf|g3e' afed d/e/f B2B2 fe|\
dafd AfdA FdAF D2d'c'|babc' d'abg f2d2d2:|\
|:fe|"5th"dfed cBAG DFAdD4|f4gfed d/e/f B2B2fe|\
dfed cBAG FdEc D2d'c'|d'c'ba gfed d/e/f d2d2:|\
|:a2|"6th"bg gf/g/ cg gf/g/ af fe/f/ Bf fe/f/|\
gee'c' bgfe d/e/f B2B2 fe|\
dfed cBAG FdEc D2d'c'|d'c'ba gfed d/e/f d2d2:|\
|:FE|"7th"D3f A2Bc d2cB A2GF|G3A BAGF E2e2e2 d/e/f|\
D3f A2Bc d2cB A2GF|E2e2 dcBc d2D2D2:|\
|:a/b/c'|"8th"d'3c' bagf b3a gfed|f3a gfed d/e/f B2B2 A/B/c|\
d2c BAGF GBAc dABc|d2cB AGFE F2D2D2:|\
|:AB/c/|"9th"d2D2 dcBA d2D2 dcBA|f3a gfed d/e/f B2B2 A/B/c|\
d2D2 dcBA d2D2 dcBA|A2gf EFGE F2D2D2:|\
|:a/b/c'|"10th"d'c'd'a fdfa d'c'd'a fdfa|gaga fd'fd' f2e2e2 A/B/c|\
dcdA FDFA dcdA FDFA|GBGA GBAc d2D2D2:|\
|:FE|"11th"Ddcd Ddcd Edcd Adcd|Afed Bfed c2e2e2 FE|\
Ddcd fdcd Ddcd Gdcd|BAGF EFGE F2D2D2:|

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Harrison, Rev. R.

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