Scottie Cam O'er The Border,with variations. RH.488

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X number   488
Title   Scottie Cam O'er The Border,with variations. RH.488
Area   Temple Sowerby,Cumbria
Bibliography   Village Music project, Harrison, Rev. R.
Country   England
Length   1/16
Notes   I added bar 54. You can smother any, tune, if you use enough notes. PJH.
Rhythm   air
Source   Rev.R.Harrison's MS,c1815,Cumbria
Tempo   3/8=100
Transcriber   vmp.Simon Wilson. Review PJH, 2008.
Body   D6 F4A2|d3efe d4A2|B2d2B2 B4b2|b2a2f2 e4d2|\
D6 F4A2|d3efe d4A2|B2d2B2 A2F2A2|B2d2F2 E4D2:|!
|:d2f2a2 a2f2a2|b2a2f2 e4d2|d2f2a2 b2c'2d'2|d3ef2 e4d2|\
d2f2a2 a2f2a2|b2a2f2 e4d2|d2B2B2 A2F2A2|B2d2F2 E4D2:|!
|:D6 F4A2|defedc BAGFED|E6 G4B2|efgfed cBAGFE|\
F2D2F2 A2F2A2|d2A2d2 f2d2f2|a2f2a2 {^a}b2agfe|d6 c4z2|!
D6 F4A2|d4z2 z4z2|E6 G4B2|e4z2 z4z2|\
D2F2A2 d2f2a2|d'2e'2d'2 d'2a2f2|!
e2g2b2 b2a2c2|d2fdaf d'afafd|\
ceaec'a e'c'agec|dfdaf d'afafd|!
ceaec'a e'c'afec|d'e'f'e'd'c' bc'd'c'ba|\
gabagf efgfed|cdedcB ABAFGE||!
a4f2 d2d'2c'2|c'2b2a2 a2g2f2|\
f2e2f2 {^a} b2agfe|d6 c4a2|\
a4f2 d2d'2c'2|c'2b2a2 a2g2f2|\
e2g2b2 b2a2e2|e6 d4a2|!
a4f2 d2d'2c'2|c'2b2a2 a2g2f2|\
f2e2f2 {^a}b2agfe|d6 c4a2|\
a4f2 d2d'2c'2|c'2b2a2 a2g2f2|\
e2g2b2 b2a2c2|e6 d4z2||!
|:d2Adf2 adfad'2|d'e'f'e'd'c' bagfed|\
e2de2a2 c'aeac'2|e'd'c'd'e'f' e'c'agec:|!
fad'afa gaeaga|fad'afa gaeafa|\
bc'd'c'ba gabagf|efgfed cBAGFE||!
a2f2d2 d'2b2g2|a2f2d2 c2e2g2|\
f2a2d'2 b2g2e2|d6 {e2d}c4a2|!
a2f2d2 c2e2g2|f2a2d2 e2a2c2|e6 d4z2||\
dAfAdA eAgAdA|fAgAfA eAfAeA||!
fdAFDF Adfad'a|fad'afa dfafdf|\
e6 f2gfagfe|dcdB ABAG FGFE|\
D6 F4A2|d3efe d4A2|B2d2B2 B4b2|b2a2f2 e4d2||!
D6 F4A2|d3efe d4A2|B2d2B2 A2F2A2|B2d2F2 E4D2|\
b2d'2f2 e4d2|b2d'2f2 e4d2|\
d'2d'd'd'2 b2bbb2|a2f2d2 e4d2|]

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Harrison, Rev. R.

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