Gallway Girls. HSJJ.051 --- All The Way To Galway,aka. HSJJ.051 --- High Road To Gallaway,aka. HSJJ.051

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X number   49
Title   Gallway Girls. HSJJ.051, All The Way To Galway,aka. HSJJ.051, High Road To Gallaway,aka. HSJJ.051
Area   Lancashire
Bibliography   Village Music project, Jackson, H. S. J.
Country   England
History   1823
Length   1/8
Notes   Or Galloway?.
Rhythm   .Country-dance
Source   HSJ Jackson,Wyresdale,Lancs.1823
Tempo   1/4=120
Transcriber   vmp.Chris Partington.
Body   e>fge|dBBd|cAAc|dBBd|efge|dBBd|cABG|E2E2:|!

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Jackson, H. S. J.

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