Captn Edwards Waltz. AJH.013

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X number   13
Title   Captn Edwards Waltz. AJH.013
Area   North Shropshire
Bibliography   Village Music project, Hughes, Albert
Country   England
Length   1/8
Notes   The waltz is marked "1" in the margin. An untitled section (AJH014) in, 2 (marked "2") follows on the next page and both may be part of a, single piece., The start of the waltz A part and the end of the B part are marked, with Segno symbols.
Source   A.J.Hughes MS
Tempo   1/4=160
Transcriber   Neil Brookes
Body   P:1
Wd2|d2 dBcd|e2 edcB|A2 dcBA|GFGABc|!
d2 dBcd|e2edcB|A2 dcBA|G4:|!
|:G2|FGABAG|FD d2A2|BD e2d2|^cB A2G2|!
FGABAG|FD d2A2|BD e2^c2| Wd4 :|!
|:B2|B2gfed|cB A2A2|A2 fedc|BA G2B2|!
B2gfed|cB A2A2|A2 (3fed (3cBA|G4:|!
|:"^Bass Solo"E4^D2|E2E2B,2|C2C2A,2|B,6|!
b3 agf|g2g2b2|[1 a2a2g2|f6:|[2 (3aba (3gag (3fgf|e6|]

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Hughes, Albert

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