Ally Croaker. AJH.029 --- Crocker's Reel,aka. AJH.028

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X number   29
Title   Ally Croaker. AJH.029, Crocker's Reel,aka. AJH.028
Area   North Shropshire
Bibliography   Village Music project, Hughes, Albert
Country   England
Discography   version recorded on John Kirkpatrick & Sue Harris's album "Facing the Music", (1980 Topic Records) as "Crocker's (or Betty Crocker's???) reel.
Length   1/8
Source   A.J.Hughes MS
Tempo   1/2=120
Transcriber   Neil Brookes 2006
Body   dddd d2d2|edcd efge|fddd d2d2|edcd ef g2:|!
|:faaa a2a2|bagf ef g2|eggg g2g2|agfe fg a2|!
dddd cccc|BBBB A2A2|gggg f2b2|agfe d2d2:|

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Hughes, Albert

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