Quick Step. RHu.080

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X number   80
Title   Quick Step. RHu.080
Area   Whitchurch , Shropshire
Bibliography   Village Music project, Hughes, Richard
Length   1/8
Mirrorred-From   http://www.village-music-project.org.uk/abc/HughesR.abc
Notes   A set possibly composed to accompany a quadrille type dance., The Albert Hughes coll. has a number of these sets.
Source   R.Hughes MS,1823,Whitchurch,Shrops.
Tempo   3/8=120
Transcriber   Neil Brookes 2006
Body   B/c/|dba gfe|edd d2c|Bcd dcB|dcB A2B/c/|!
dba gfe|edd d2c|Bcd dcB| cBA "fine"G2:|!
f|gfg bab|afd afd|gfg bab|ad'c' b2a|!
gfg c'ab|afd a2b|c' za b zg|a zf g z"D.C."e|]!
(3g/a/b/|c'c' gg/f/|ee ce/g/|agfe|g/^f/g/a/ g/a/b/g/|!
c'c' gg/f/|eecd/e/|f/e/d/c/ dg|cec"fine":|!
c/d/|"minore"eeee|egec|ee/d/ c/B/c/d/|e/d/c/B/ A>B|!
cc ee|aa^gb|c'b a^g|"D.C."a3|]

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Hughes, Richard

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