Rising Of The Lark,with variations,The. RHu.132

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X number   132
Title   Rising Of The Lark,with variations,The. RHu.132
Area   Whitchurch, Shropshire
Bibliography   Village Music project, Hughes, Richard
Length   1/16
Mirrorred-From   http://www.village-music-project.org.uk/abc/HughesR.abc
Rhythm   Air
Source   R.Hughes MS,1823,Whitchurch,Shrops.
Tempo   1/4=80
Transcriber   Tony Weatherall 2006
Body   d4A3G|F2d2A2F2|G3AB2c2|d2c2d2e2|\
fd3 A2c2|d8:|!
(d3cB2)d2|c2A2 A2zF|G2A2B2c2|d2c2d2e2|\
f2d2 (a3c)|d8:|!
|:"var 1."d2d2 A2G2|(FA)(dB) A2F2|\
(G>B)(A>c) (B>d)(c>e)|d2c2 d2e2|f2d2 A2c2|dfaf d2d2:|!
|:f2d2 (d>f)(d>f)|e2c2 (c>e)(c>e)|d2B2 B>cd>e|c2A2 A3c|\
f>e (de)(fd)|e3d (cd)(ef)|!
d3c (Bc)(de)|c2A2 A2F2|GGAA BBcc|\
d2c2 d2e2|(fe)fd a^gac|d2d2 d4:|!
f2d2 A2c2|dAFA D4:|!
|:f2de f2d2|e2cd e2c2|\
d2Bc {e}d2{c}B2|cdBcA4|fgfe dafd|efed caec|!
dedc Bb^gd|cBA^G A2zF|G2A2B2c2|d2c2d2e2|\
|:"var 3"(3FAd (3FAd (3ABA (3GAG|(3FAd (3FAd (3ABA (3AGA|\
(3GAG (3ABA (3BdB (3cdc|!
(3ded (3cdc (3ded (3efe|\
(3fag (3fed (3egf (3edc|(3dcB (3AGFd4:|!
|:(6FAdfdA (6FAdfdA|(6EAcecA (6EAcecA|(6D^GBdBG (6D^GBdBG|!
c3A (3cAF c3A (3cAF|(6FAdfdA (3afd (3afd|(6EAcecA (3aec (3aec|!
(6D^GBdBG (6ba^gfed|(3cBA (3BA^G A2zF|(3GAG (3ABA (3BcB (3cdc|!
(3ded (3cdc (3ded (3efe|(3fag (3fed (3egf (3edc|(3dBA (3GFE d4|]

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Hughes, Richard

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