Maids Of Avrochar,The. RHu.160

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X number   164
Title   Maids Of Avrochar,The. RHu.160
Area   Whitchurch, Shropshire
Bibliography   Village Music project, Hughes, Richard
Length   1/8
Notes   I've had to simplify grace notes!
Rhythm   Air
Source   R.Hughes MS,1823,Whitchurch,Shrops.
Tempo   3/8=80
Transcriber   Tony Weatherall 2006
Body   G/A/|{G/A/}B>AG {G/A/}B>AG|Bdd d2 g/a/4|\
{a}b>ag {g/a/}b>ag|{b}a2ge2{f}g|!
{c}B>AG {G/A/}B>AG|Bdd d2g/a/4|\
bgd eBd|{B}A2{G/B/A/}G G2 G/A/|!
{G/A/}B>AG {G/A}B>AG|Bdd d2 g/a/4|\
{a}b>ag {g/a/}b>ag|{b}a2g {f}e2{gf}g{c}|!
B>AG {GA}B>AG|Bdd d2{g/a/4}|\
bgd eac/B/|A2{GBA}G G2||!
d/c/|Bde Bde|g>ab/a/ ged|\
Bde Bdb|a2g e2d|!
gbd' bgd|e/d/e/f/g/e/ dBG|\
Bgd eBd|{B}A2GG2d/c/|!
Bd{cd}e Bd{cd}e|g>{ag}ab/a/ ged|\
Bd{cd}e Bd{cd}c'/b/|{g}a2 g {f}e2d|!
gbe'/d/' c'/b/a/g/f/g/|e/d/e/f/g/e/ dBG A/4G/4F/4G/4|\
Bgd {cd}eAc/B/|A2{GBA}GG2|]

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Hughes, Richard

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