Lady Coventry's Minuet with Variations. JJo.005

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X number   5
Title   Lady Coventry's Minuet with Variations. JJo.005
Area   N Shropshire
Bibliography   Village Music project, Jones, John
Length   1/8
Notes   The 2 sections (first in 3/4, second "gigo" in 6/8), look like a single piece, but Gigo may be a separate tune, albeit one of little merit on its own.
Source   J.Jones MS,1801,N.Shrops.
Tempo   3/4=50
Transcriber   Neil Brookes 2006
Body   G2G>G (3GAB|{B}A4G2|B2B>B (3Bcd|{d}c4B2|
|:(3ded d2c2|TB3cd2|(3ded ddcc|TB3cd2|
g2f2e2|d2Tf2g2|(3edc B2A2|G6:|!
|:(3GBd (3gGG (3GAB|{B}A4G2|(3Bdg (3bBB (3Bcd|{d}c4B2|
(3dBc (3def (3gfe|(3dBc (3def (3gfe|(3edb (3dca (3cBg|B2A4::!
(3ded (3dBd (3cAc|(3BAG (3Bcd d2|(3gag (3fgf (3efe|
(3dBc (3def (3gbd|(3edc B2TA2:|!
|:"Gigo" d>ed dAd|e>fe eAe|f>gf fga|^g3a3:|!
|:a>ba Ta2g|g>ag Tg2f|f>gfTf2e|e>feTe2d|ded dAd|d3d3:|

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Jones, John

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