Wine cannot Cure.2voices. JJo.099 --- From Night til Morn,aka.2voices. JJo.099

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X number   99
Title   Wine cannot Cure.2voices. JJo.099, From Night til Morn,aka.2voices. JJo.099
Area   N Shropshire
Bibliography   Village Music project, Jones, John
Length   1/8
Notes   2 voice arrangement of the song tune now better known as, 'From Night til Morn'. The piece was performed at Covent Garden, as a duet, from which this arr. was probably taken. NeilB, "Wine cannot cure the pain I endure" melody from "The Surrender of Calais", by samuel Arnold, accompaniment by Mr. Thomas Brabazon Gray., B: "From night til morn I take my glass, in hopes to forget my Cloe..., ...Ah No no no wine cannot cure the pain I endure for my Cloe",
Source   J.Jones MS,1801,N.Shrops.
Tempo   1/4=140
Transcriber   Neil Brookes 2006
Body   [V:1]g>f|e2e2e3e|{e}dcde c2de|fedc cdef|g3a/f/e2 g>f|!
[V:2]e>d|c2c2c3c|FEFG E2FG|AGFE EAcd|e3f/d/c2 e>d|!
[V:1]e2e2e3e|{e}dcde c2de|fe.d.c cd.e.f|e2 e/d/c/d/ c2||!
[V:1]c2|cdefg3g|g2{b}a>g g3g|a3gc'3e|g3a/f/e2(3g^f=f|!
[V:2]E2|EAcd ecec|ec f>e ecec|fcec .eEGc|e3f/d/c2z2|!
[V:1].e2.e2.e2z2|dcde c2de|fe.d.c cd.e.f|g3a/f/e2 (3g^f=f|!
[V:2](3.C.E.G (3.C.E.G (3.C.E.G (3CEG|(3G,DF (3G,DF E2FG|\
AG.F.E EG.c.d|e3f/d/c2z2|!
[V:1].e2.e2.e2z2|{e}dcde c2de|fedc cdef|e2e/d/c/d/c2|]
[V:2](3CEG (3CEG (3CEG (3CEG|(3G,DF (3G,DF ECFG|\

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Jones, John

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