Morgan Rattler. JJo.100

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X number   100
Title   Morgan Rattler. JJo.100
Area   N Shropshire
Bibliography   Village Music project, Jones, John
Length   1/8
Notes   The tune is set in C in the MS. This is probably an omission of the #, as every other version is in G. However it doesnt sound too incorrect in C, and a modal version cannot be ruled out., The g lead-in note makes it a little confusing to play., There are no repeat marks at the end of each part,, tho' there are four dots after the double bars (in the spaces between lines).
Source   J.Jones MS,1801,N.Shrops.
Tempo   3/8=120
Transcriber   Neil Brookes
Body   g|"_key sig C in MS"dcB ABc|BAB G2g|dcB ABc|e2d efg|!
dcB ABc|BAB G2d|gab agf|e2d efg||!
g2a bge|f2g afd|g2a bge|c'2a bc'd'|!
g2a bge|f2g afd|gab afd|e2d efg||!
G2g gfg|A2a aga|G2g gfg|e2d efg|!
G2g gfg|A2aabc'|d'c'b agf|e2d efg|]

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Jones, John

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