16th Regt March,The. JJo.132

16th of October,The. BF11.22 -- La Belle Catherine,aka. BF11.22 -- Come Dance and Sing,aka. BF11.22Tune list
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17th Regt.Slow March. JMP.078 -- Gordons. JMP.078
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X number   132
Title   16th Regt March,The. JJo.132
Area   N Shropshire
Bibliography   Village Music project, Jones, John
Length   1/8
Mirrorred-From   http://www.village-music-project.org.uk/abc/jonesj.abc
Source   J.Jones MS,1801,N.Shrops.
Tempo   1/4=160
Transcriber   Neil Brookes 2006
Body   c2G>B e2c>e|g2e>g c'4|a2c'>a g2c'>g|g>fe>de2c2|!
a2c'>a g2c'>a|g>fe>de2c2|e>fg>g agfe|d2g>gg2z2|!
e>fg>g agfe|e2d>dd2c'2|c'bag bag^f|g2g>gg4::!
d/e/d/e/ ff gfed|e/f/e/f/ gg agfe|d/e/d/e/ ff gfed|Te2d>dd4|!
g/a/g/f/ e/f/e/d/ c2c2|g_bag a4|a/_b/a/g/ f/g/f/e/ d2d2|ac'bab4|!
c'2g>gg2c'g|(3agf e>ee2 (3gab|c'>c'b>a g>fe>d|c2c>cc4:|

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Jones, John

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