Honest Thieves. WM.113

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X number   113
Title   Honest Thieves. WM.113
Area   Kent
Bibliography   Village Music project, Mittell, William
Country   England
Length   1/16
Mirrorred-From   http://www.village-music-project.org.uk/abc/mittell.abc
Notes   Would be nice on bagpipes.
Rhythm   .March
Source   Wm.Mittell's MS, New Romney,Kent,1799
Tempo   1/4=80
Transcriber   vmp.Chris Partington
Body   [F4d4] d2f2|[F4d4] e2f2|(gf)(ed) (cd)(ec)|{e}(dcde) d2A2|!
[F4d4] d2f2|[F4d4]e2f2|gfed cdec|[F4d4] [F4d4] :|!
|:[d4a4][d4b4]|[d6a6] d2|c2d2e2f2|(edef) e2e2|!
|:aaaa bbbb|aaaa gggg|{g}f2(ed) c2d2|(edef) e2e2|!
aaaa bbbb|aaaa gggg|{g}f2(ed) (cd)ec|[F4d4][F4d4]:|
W:Notes of d in bars 1,5 of B strain should be tied/slurred

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Mittell, William

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