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Browne 11

Parent :- Village Music Project

Troutbeck, Westmoreland

Mostly James Lishman, c1800

%%abc-alias Browne MS11
%%abc-creator ABCexplorer 1.3.8 [30/08/2010]
%Mostly James Lishman, c1800
%vmp.C.Graebe & C.Partington, 2000
%Revised 11/2/2005
%Revised again 11/2008
%Revised again 12/2009

15th Regt. March,The. BF11.01

Set Her Against The Wall. BF11.02

Braes of Acklebrie,The. BF11.03

Hanner's Jigg. BF11.04

Happy Meeting,The. BF11.05

Swans Hornpipe. BF11.06 Lancaster Hp,aka. BF11.06 Fox in the Dumps,aka. BF11.06 Exiseman's Hp,aka. BF11.06

Fill The Tankard. BF11.07

Tawny Gate Corner. BF11.08

Jigg,A. BF11.09

Trip To Cartmell. BF11.10 High Road To Linton,aka. BF11.10

Needels & Twine. BF11.11

Jenny's Delight. BF11.12

March,A. BF11.13

Liveing Hall. BF11.14 Lilling Hall,aka. BF11.14 Linnen Hall,aka. BF11.14

Scotch Reel,A. BF11.15

Jolly Cobbler. BF11.16

Jackson's Shaving Brush. BF11.17

Sweet Lips. BF11.18

Nancy Under't Hill. BF11.19

Break the Windows. BF11.20

Jenny Sutan. BF11.21

16th of October,The. BF11.22 La Belle Catherine,aka. BF11.22 Come Dance and Sing,aka. BF11.22

Ragged Sailor,The. BF11.23

Wee'l All Lie Together. BF11.24 Buy Broom Besoms,aka. BF11.24

Rose Tree,The. BF11.25

A Greeable Surprize. BF11.26

Satterday Night. BF11.27 Blue Bonnets Came Over The Border,aka. BF11.27

Trip to London. BF11.28

Miss Fravisers(?) Reel. BF11.29

Miss Farquharson's Reel. BF11.30 My Love Is But A Lassie Yet. BF11.30

Wimble's Reel. BF11.31

Bonny Lass To Marry Me. BF11.32

Sinclair's Reel. BF11.33

Milk Maids. BF11.34

Miss Skinner's Reel. BF11.35

Hawkshead Rants. BF11.36

Trip to Oxford. BF11.37

Harlequen Dance,The. BF11.38

Scant of Money. BF11.39

Hautboy,The. BF11.40

Reaper Dance,The. BF11.41

Coxheath March. BF11.42

Untitled Reel. BF11.43

Thomas Birket's Jigg. BF11.44

Down With The French. BF11.45

Sailor's Topsail. BF11.46

Gold Ring,The. BF11.47

Highland Laddie. BF11.48

Doubtful Shepherd. BF11.49

Jigg,A. BF11.50

James Louders March. BF11.51

Lamb & Sallard. BF11.52

Edinburgh Castle. BF11.53

Devil's Dream. BF11.54

Miss Wilten's Reel. BF11.55

Miss Mc Cloud's. BF11.56

Northern Frisk. BF11.57

New Bridge of Edinburgh. BF11.58

Jimmy of the Glen. BF11.59

March,A. BF11.60

Swans March. BF11.61

Stappletons March. BF11.62

Duke of York New March. BF11.63

Earl of Dalkieth Reel. BF11.64

Land We Live In,The. BF11.65

Denby's March. BF11.66

Corsican Fairy,The. BF11.67

Richer's Hornpipe. BF11.68

Drunk at Night. BF11.69

Annan Polka. BF11.70

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