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Browne 12

Parent :- Village Music Project

Troutbeck, Westmoreland

Mostly J(ames?) Wilson of Keswick,1833
Psalms John Cook of Crook
Some tunes Thomas Browne, post 1833

%%abc-alias Browne MS12
%%abc-creator ABCexplorer 1.3.7 [27/12/2009]
%%abc-edited-by www.village-music-project.org.uk
%Mostly J(ames?) Wilson of Keswick,1833
%Psalms John Cook of Crook
%Some tunes Thomas Browne, post 1833
%VMP.C.Graebe & C.Partington, 2000.
%Revised 18/7/2005
%Revised again 11/2008
%Revised again 12/2009

Mr. Hallowell's Fancy. BF12.01

Psalm) 8 N.V. (New Version). BF12.02

Psalm) Pm 40 N.V. (New Version). BF12.03

Psalm) PS 2? BF12.04

Psalm) 9? BF12.05

Money Musk. BF12.06

Earl of Dalkeith,The. BF12.07

Marey Ramsay,unedited. BF12.08

Neil Gow,incomplete. BF12.09

Hot Broth. BF12.10

Soldier's Joy,unedited. BF12.11

Irish Washerwoman. BF12.12

Johnny Cope. BF12.13

I'd Be A Butterfly. BF12.14

Wilson's Hornpipe,aka. BF12.15

O,Hurrah for the Bonnetts O Blue. BF12.16 Hurrah for the Bonnets so Blue. BF12.16

She Wants A Fellow. BF12.17

White Hat. BF12.18

True Blue Hornpipe. BF12.19

In My Cottage Near a Wood,March. BF12.20

Royal Quickstep. BF12.21

Logie of Buchan. BF12.22

Splendid March,The. BF12.23

Swiss Boy,unedited. BF12.24

Auld Lang Syne. BF12.25

Lakes March,The,aka. BF12.26

March,Untitled. BF12.27

Hurra For The Bonnets of Blue. BF12.28

Banks of the Dee,The. BF12.29

When I Parted. BF12.30

Lord Brougham's Hornpipe. BF12.31

Top Hornpipe. BF12.32

Caledonian Laddie Hornpipe. 33

Celdearned(??) Will. BF12.34 Hexham Races,aka. BF12.34

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