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Troutbeck, Westmoreland

MS by Unidentified hand

%%abc-alias Browne 13 MS
%%abc-creator ABCexplorer 1.3.4 [17/12/2008]
%%abc-edited-by www.village-music-project.org.uk
%VMP.C.Graebe & C.Partington, 2000
%MS by Unidentified hand
%Revised 18/07/2005
%Revised again 11/2008
%Revised again 12/2009

Roys Wife of Aldivallock,as written. BF13.001

Roys Wife of Aldivallock.edited BF13.001

New Tyrolean Waltz. BF13.002

Jessy,The Flower of Dunblane. BF13.003

Wm. Pitt. BF13.004 William Pitt. BF13.004

Jinny O (illegible). BF13.005 Funning O (illegible). BF13.005

Chips and Shavins. BF13.006

Holoind?illegible. BF13.007 Campbells Are Coming,The,aka. BF13.007

Peggy's Wedding. BF13.008

Russian Dance,The. BF13.009

Boy in the Baskett,The. BF13.010 Long Room At Scarborough,aka. BF13.010 Bean Setting,aka. BF13.010

Green Grow the Rushes O. BF13.011

Harvest Home Hornpipe. BF13.012

Sweeps Hornpipe. BF13.013

Cottage Hornpipe. BF13.014

Harmonia Dance. BF13.015

Miss Aud Ree. BF13.016

Stage Hornpipe,The. BF13.017

Wembals Hornpipe. BF13.018 Stoney Steps,aka. BF13.018

Copenhagen Waltz. BF13.019

Reel,A. BF13.020

New Tyrolean Waltz. BF13.021

Rachel Ray Single Reel. BF13.022

Angiam Waltz,The.? BF13.023

Hunsup Through The Wood. BF13.024

Favourite Gigg. BF13.025 Cumberland Reel,aka. BF13.025

Farewell to Whisky. BF13.026

Paddy('s) Wedding. BF13.027 New May Moon,The,aka. BF13.027

Appelby Election Hornpipe. BF13.028

Month of May. BF13.029

Haste to the Wedding. BF13.030

Blue Dick. BF13.031

Lasses Keep Your Legs Together. BF13.032

As Sweet As A Pink,Gigg. BF13.033

Archers Hornpipe. BF13.034

Gigg Time. BF13.035

Rakes of Kirby. BF13.036

Allonby Lasses. BF13.037

Browne's Hornpipe. BF13.038

Old Age & Young. BF13.039

Westmorland Hornpipe. BF13.040 Liverpool Hornpipe,aka. BF13.040

Reel. BF13.41

Buttered Pease. BF13.042

Tyson's Fancy. BF13.043

Reel,untitled . BF13.044

Triumph,(The). BF13.045

Foster's Hornpipe. BF13.046

James Lishman's Hornpipe,aka. BF13.047 Hornpipe. BF13.047

Greenhouse Hornpipe. BF13.048

Duchess of Devonshire. BF13.049

Duke of York's March. BF13.050

Double Shuffle. BF13.051

Yorkshire Hornpipe. BF13.052

Robinsons Reel. BF13.053

Dalton Watches. BF13.054

Tink A Tink. BF13.055

Drunk at Night and.. BF13.056

Latee Quadrill. BF13.057 L'Ete Quadrille,aka. BF13.057

Redowa Polka. BF13.058

Andants O Nanny. BF13.059

Nelson Hornpipe. BF13.060

Brickland Races. BF13.061 Timour the Tartar,aka. BF13.061 Blanchland Races,aka. BF13.061

Miss Harrison's Strathspey. BF13.062

London Hornpipe. BF13.063

Sauteuse Country Dance. BF13.064

Village Boy,The,Quadrille. BF13.065 Trip to Cottingham,aka. BF13.065 Garcon Volange,Le,aka. BF13.065

New Drop Hornpipe. BF13.066

Richmond's March. BF13.067

Spring Gardens Hornpipe. BF13.068

Whitehaven Hornpipe. BF13.069

Miss Bannister's Hornpipe. BF13.070

Kiss Me Fast My Mother's Coming. BF13.071

Pearson's Hornpipe. BF13.072

Wellington Hornpipe. BF13.073

Miss Nicholson's Hornpipe. BF13.074

Single Shuffle. BF13.075

Tyson's Hornpipe. BF13.076

Wind Shakes The Barley. BF13.077

Shield's Fair. BF13.078

King's Hornpipe. BF13.079

Ullswater Regatta. BF13.080

Lishman's 2nd Hornpipe,aka. BF13.081

Cotilion,A. BF13.082

Slow Scopel March. BF13.083

Old Robin Adair. BF13.084

Bugle Horn,The. BF13.085

Drops of Brandy. BF13.086

Hart of Oak. BF13.087 Hearts of Oak. BF13.087

Polly Put The Kettle On. BF13.088

Summers Flowers. BF13.089

Downfall of Paris,The . BF13.090

German Polka. BF13.091

Life Let Us Cherrish. BF13.092

Bugle Horn,The. BF13.093

Madame Del Caro's Hornpipe. BF13.094

Wearmouth Lasses. BF13.095 Yarmouth Lasses,aka. BF13.095

God Save the King. BF13.096

Beggar Girl,The. BF13.097

Air,by Pleyel. BF13.098

Lord Cornwallis's March. BF13.099

Cameronian's Got His Wife Again,The. BF13.100

Devil in Dublin,The. BF13.101

Sleepy Maggy. BF13.102

Lady Hamilton's New Waltz. BF13.103

North Country Lass. BF13.104

Green Grows The Rashes. BF13.105

Troutbeck Hornpipe,The,aka. BF13.106

Tulip,The. BF13.107

Taffy & Mally. BF13.108

If The Life Of A Man..aka. BF13.109

Ha'd The Lass Till I Run At Her. BF13.110 Hold The Lass Till...,aka. BF13.110

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