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Parent :- Village Music Project

Troutbeck, Westmoreland

MS by Unidentified hand, early 19thC

%%abc-alias Browne 14
%%abc-creator ABCexplorer 1.3.4 [17/12/2008]
%%abc-edited-by www.village-music-project.org.uk
%MS by Unidentified hand, early 19thC
%Revised 25/04/2004
%Revised again 11/2008
%Revised again 12/2009

Hieland Man Came Over The Hill,The. BF14.01

Round The World For Sport,unedited. BF14.02

Round The World For Sport,edited. BF14.02

Money Musk. BF14.03

Fancy. BF14.04

Boniest(!) Lass In The World. BF14.05

Jinny O (illegible). BF14.06 Funning O (illegible). BF14.06

Chips and Shavins. BF14.07

Gilsland Hornpipe. BF14.08

True Courage. BF14.09

Boy in the Baskett,The. BF14.10 Long Room At Scarborough(?). BF14.10

Russian Dance,The. BF14.11

Lady Lucy Ramsey' Favorite. BF14.12

Peggy's Wedding. BF14.13

Broad Sword Hornpipe. BF14.14

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