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Carlisle MS

Parent :- Village Music Project

1810 - ish

%%abc-alias Carlisle MS
%%abc-creator ABCexplorer 1.3.4 [17/12/2008]
%%abc-edited-by www.village-music-project.org.uk
%VMP.Chris Partington
%Revised 17/10/2005
%Revised again 11/2008
%Revised again 12/2009

Lowther Castle. Car.01

Carlisle Races. Car.02

Crop The Croppies. Car.03

New Grand O.P. Dance,The. Car.04

Recovery,The. Car.05

Persian Dance. Car.06 Richards or the.. Car.06 Galopede,aka. Car.06

Spanish Patriots,1810,The. Car.07

Morgiana in Spain in Ld. Wellington's Camp. Car.08

Birthday of the Little Doctor,The. Car.09 ?

Richardly Quickstep,The. Car.10 Davy Davy Nick Nack,aka. Car.10

Mrs Tilney Long's Waltz,1812. Car.11

Cumberland Reel,The. Car.12

Savage Dance,The. Car.13

Edenside Rangers Quick March,The. Car.14

Miller of Drone,The. Car.15

Farewell To Low House. Car.16 ?

Trip To Netherby,A. Car.17

Marchioness of Douglass' Favourite. Car.18

Morgiana in France. Car.19

Miss Gayton's Hornpipe. Car.20

Flim's Castle. Car.21

Light Company's Quick March,The. Car.22

Madame Catalani's Waltz. Car.23

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