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Clarke, William

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%%abc-alias Wm Clarke L
%%abc-creator ABCexplorer 1.3.8 [28/08/2010]
%%abc-edited-by www.village-music-project.org.uk
%VMP Barry Callaghan Jan 2003
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Jack's Alive. WCl.01

Soildiers Joy,The. WCl.02 Soldier's Joy,aka. WCl.02

Welcome Hear Again. WCl.03

Bird Catchers. WCl.04

Social Powers. WCl.05

Black Leggs. WCl.06 Bonny Cate. WCl.06 Bonny Kate,aka. WCl.06

Sweet Richard. WCl.07

Tom Jones. WCl.08

Sports of Fancy,The. WCl.09 Chester Races,aka.cf(?). WCl.09

Blakney. WCl.10

Faithfull Sheperd. WCl.11

Merry Wakefield. WCl.12

Trip to Paris. WCl.13

Bon Gout. WCl.14

Grove,The. WCl.15

Lads & Lasses. WCl.16

Butterd Pease. WCl.17

Ballance a Straw. WCl.18

So merrily Dances ye Quakers. WCl.19 Merrily Kiss The Quaker's Wife,aka. WCl.19

Over ye Hills & farr away. WCl.20

Down with ye Rumps. WCl.21 Rodrick Random. WCl.21

King & the Miller,The. WCl.22

Roger de Coverley. WCl.23

Daniel Cooper. WCl.24

Come hast to the Wedding. WCl.25 Haste To The Wedding,aka. WCl.25 Rural Felicity,aka. WCl.25

Plyarteation,The. WCl.26

Sweet Willy O. WCl.27

Kick ye Buckett. WCl.28

New Lincoln. WCl.29

Beaver,The. WCl.30

Wedensday Night. WCl.31

20th of May,The. WCl.32

Saint Patricks Day in ye Morning. WCl.33

Farewell ye Green Fields. WCl.34

Mrs Hubards Reel. WCl.35

White Joak,The. WCl.36

Cassino. WCl.37

Wars Alarms. WCl.38

King George the 3ds Minuet. WCl.39

Mrs Bakers Hornpipe. WCl.40

Allbena. WCl.41 Albina,aka. WCl.41 Will the Barber,aka. WCl.41 Albania Quick March,aka. WCl.41

Robin Hood. WCl.42

Britons Strike Home. WCl.43

Paddy Wack. WCl.44

Female Fox Hunter,The. WCl.45

Gee Ho Dobin. WCl.46 How Do You Do,Sir?,aka. WCl.46

Tho' Prudence may press me. WCl.47

Happy Night,The. WCl.48

Branford Hunt. WCl.49 Brentford Hunt,aka. WCl.49 Pantheon,The,aka. WCl.49

Cotillion. WCl.50

Miss Sacviles Minuet. WCl.51

Moggy Lauder. WCl.52

Retreat,The. WCl.53 She Wants a Fellow,aka. WCl.53 Buff Coat,etc,aka. WCl.53

Suky bids Me. WCl.54

Lovely Nancy. WCl.55

Nancy of the Dale. WCl.56

Vento's Farewell. WCl.57

Harlequin Evry Where. WCl.58

Colledge Hornpipe. WCl.59

Ye Warwickshire Lads & Ye Lasses. WCl.60

Tally Ho. WCl.61

Duke of Gloster's March. WCl.62

Hertfordshire March. WCl.63 March in the Desertore. WCl.63

Hark Hark The Joy Inspiring Horn. WCl.64

New Coldstream March,(Melody). WCl.65

Changes of Bells. WCl.66

Foot's Minuet. WCl.67

Hope Thou Nurse. WCl.68

Maggie Lawder,Variations,Pt1. WCl.69

Maggie Lawder,Variations,Pt2. WCl.69

Duke of Glosters New March. WCl.70

He's aye a kissing me. WCl.71 Sandy o'er the Lea. WCl.71

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