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Clews, John

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Stoke upon Tern, N. Shropshire

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A tunebook from the family of Mr John Hardy, fiddler and retired farmer
from Audlem, Cheshire. He also has a fiddle which was possibly owned by the
author, Mr John Clews of Stoke upon Tern, N. Shropshire.
Mr Clews was not related to JH, but the book was passed on to JH's grandfather
who was also a fiddler.
The signed (in two hands) book is dated 1832. Some of the tunes were possibly
added at a later date. The tunes near the end of the book show an interest
in Scottish airs.
Mr Clews was obviously a skilled musician and wrote the tunes accurately,
with the inclusion of grace notes etc. Some of the marches are arranged
for 2 or 3 voices.
The discovery of this book led to further research and
the discovery of the four "Ash" manuscripts belonging to Mr R. Hughes.
Thanks to John Hardy for the loan of photocopies of the MS.
Neil Brookes 2006.

Belleisle's March.2voices. JClw.01 Monck's March,aka.2voices. JClw.01

King George the Third's March. JClw.02

Duke of York's March. JClw.03

March,A (not really!) JClw.04

Turkish March. JClw.05

Duettines.2voices. JClw.06

March in Battle of Prague. JClw.07

Prince Edward's Minuet. JClw.08

Vanhall's Minuet.2voices. JClw.09

King of Sweden's March. JClw.10

Duke of York's Troop. JClw.11

Dorsetshire March,The JClw.12

Marche du Marseillais. JClw.13

March of 15th Regiment.3voices. JClw.14 15th Regiment,March of.3voices. JClw.14

Grano's March.2voices. JClw.15

Rural Felicity. JClw.16 Haste to the Wedding,aka. JClw.16

Bedfordshire March,The.3voices. JClw.17

Rule Brittania. JClw.18

Bellonian's Air,The. JClw.19

Lulley's Minuet. JClw.20

Through the Wood Ladway. JClw.21 Through the Wood Laddie,aka. JClw.21

Hungarian Minuet,The. JClw.22

London Minuet. JClw.23

Merionethshire March. JClw.24

Sally's March. JClw.25

March by Hands,A. JClw.26

Twenty-Ninth of May,The. JClw.27 When the King Enjoys His Own Again,aka. JClw.27

Bine Waters,The. JClw.28 Boyne Waters. JClw.28 Idbury Hill,aka.(Bledington) JClw.28

First of August,The. JClw.29 Weavers March,The,aka. JClw.29

Flowers of Edenburgh,The. JClw.30

Minuet,A. JClw.31

Grant's Whim. JClw.32 Chester Castle,aka. JClw.32 Grand Swaine,The,aka. JClw.32 Yorkshire Hornpipe,aka. JClw.32

Roslin Castle. JClw.33

Within a Mile of Edenburgh. JClw.34

Juliana. JClw.35

She Rose and Loote me in. JClw.36

Mill Mill O,The JClw.37 The Deadly Wars,aka JClw.37

Braes of Yarrow,The. JClw.38

Thou art gone awa'. JClw.39

Auld Robin Gray. JClw.40

Tekeli. JClw.41

Oh Nannie. JClw.42 O Nanny wilt thou fly with me,aka. JClw.42

Banks o' Doon,The. JClw.43 Ye Banks and Braes,aka. JClw.43

Ah,Sure a Pair. JClw.44

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