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Cooke, Benjamin

Parent :- Village Music Project

Northern England ?

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%%abc-creator ABCexplorer 1.3.8 [07/09/2010]
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%VMP.John Bagnall, 2000
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Common. BC.01

God Save the King. BC.02

Foots Minuet. BC.03

Tempest of War,The. BC.04

Lady Coventry's Minuet. BC.05

Queen of Blands Minuet,The. BC.06

Castle's Minuet. BC.07

French Minuet,A. BC.08 Miss Bowle's Minuet

Gavot by Mr Stanley. BC.09

Harliquin Air, A. BC.10

Air in Perseus and Andromeda. BC.11

Lord Cathcarts Minuet. BC.12

Portugal Minuet,The. BC.13

Litchfield Races. BC.14

Lochaber. BC.15

New Harliquin Air,A. BC.16 Harlequin Air,A New. BC.16

March in Lavanda. BC.17

Lass of Patty's Mill,The . BC.18

Wiltshire March,The. BC.19

Oxfordshire March. BC.20

Gloucestershire March,The. BC.22

Yorkshire March,The. BC.23

Light Horse March,The. BC.24

Prince of Wales's March,The. BC.25

Duke of Cumberland's March,The. BC.26

Essex March,The. BC.27

Ct. Brown's March. BC.28 Bodmin Riding March,aka. BC.28 Grand Turk's March,aka. BC.28

Debtors Salutations. BC.29

Miss Peaches Delight. BC.30 Buff Coat,The? [In another hand],aka. BC.30 She Wants A Fellow,aka. BC.30

How Can You Lovely Nancy? BC.31 Lovely Nancy,aka. BC.31

British Hero,The. BC.32

Pilgrim,The. BC.33

March in Rinaldo. BC.34 Malborough March,aka. BC.34

Prince Eugene's March. BC.35

Malborough March. BC.36

Irish Vaux Hall. BC.37

Bellisle March. BC.38 Monk's March,aka. BC.38

Trip to the Laundry,A. BC.39

Hampshire March. BC.21

Lads Are A' Come Back Again,The. BC.40

Capt. Hood's March. BC.41

King of Prussia's Minuet. BC.42

Hessian's Dance,The. BC.43

Miss Pitt's Minuet. BC.44

Bobbing Joan. BC.45

German Minuet.2voices. BC.46

Gavot.2voices. BC.47

March in the Occasional Oratorio.2voices. BC.48a

Trumpet Minuet,A.2voices. BC.49

Minuet.2voices. BC.50

Air By Mr.Arne.2voices. BC.51

Slow Air,A.2voices. BC.52

Minuet.2voices. BC.53

Reprisal,The. BC.54 Lads A'Bunchum,Adderbury,aka. BC.54 Oh,dear mother what a fool I be,aka BC.54 Balance A Straw,aka. BC.54

Lady Danby's Minuet. BC.55

Sir John Ligonier's Trumpet March. BC.56

Militia March,The. BC.57

Country Farmers,The. BC.58

Dusty Miller. BC.59

Jack Lattin. BC.60 Jacky Layton

Italian March. BC.61

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