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Kidson's Hornpipes

Parent :- Village Music Project

G. Hudswell

Mitchell, Glasgow

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Bright was the morning. FK.01

Morning Hornpipe. FK.02

Morning Hornpipe. FK.03

Coopers Hornpipe. FK.04 Jock Wilson,aka. FK.04

Spot Hornpipe,aka. FK.05

Whitmonday Hornpipe. FK.06

Morning Star. FK.07

Morning Star,The. FK.08

Scotch Hornpipe,A. FK.09

Leeds Hornpipe. FK.10

Leeds Hornpipe. FK.11

Salamanca Hornpipe. FK.12

Manchester Hornpipe. FK.13

Nelson's Hornpipe. FK.14

Kidson's No.1 Hornpipe,aka. FK.15 Cuckoo' Nest,aka. FK.15 No.1 Hornpipe,aka. FK.15

English Hornpipe. FK.16 Fisher's Hornpipe,aka. FK.16 Egg Hornpipe,aka. FK.16

Ashley's Hornpipe. FK.17

New London Hornpipe. FK.18

Swallow's Hornpipe,aka. FK.19

Bath Hornpipe. FK.20

Liverpool Hornpipe. FK.21

Lord Middleton's Hornpipe. FK.22 Durham Rangers,aka. FK.22 Merry Sherwood Rangers,aka. FK.22

Spot Hornpipe,aka. FK.23

Hopkinson's Hornpipe. FK.24

Steam Packet. FK.25 Railway Hornpipe,The,aka. FK.25

Byrne's Hornpipe. FK.26

John Bagnall's Hornpipe,aka. FK.27

Manchester Hornpipe. FK.28

Chatham Hornpipe. FK.29

Brown Paper Hornpipe. FK.30 Johnston's Hp.,aka. FK.30

Isle of Wight Hornpipe. FK.31

Preve Castle Hornpipe. FK.32

Morning Fair. FK.33

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