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Giles, William

Parent :- Village Music Project

Bampton, Oxfordshire

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%William Henry Giles MS 1839, Bampton, Oxfordshire.
%Vaughan Williams Memorial Library #2286
%Village Music Project, P.J.Headford 2009
%Edited and annotated by P.J.Headford
%Revised 12/2009

Conquering Hero,The. WHG.001

Arab Steed,The. WHG.002

Jessy the Flower of Dumblain. WHG.003

Rorey Oh Moor. WHG.004 Rory O'Moore,aka. WHG.004

Girle I Left Behind Me,The. WHG.005

Triumph. WHG.006

Banks of Sweet Dundee,The. WHG.007

Funerl March (A). WHG.008 Funeral March (A). WHG.008

Learned Men. WHG.009

White Cockade,The. WHG.010

My Own Blue Bell. WHG.011

Arab Steed,The. WHG.012

Alice Grey. WHG.013

Off She Goes. WHG.014

In the Merry Month of May"In C". WHG.015

In the Merry Month of May"In G". WHG.016

Quick March (A). WHG.017

In the Merry Month of May. WHG.018

New Oyster Girle,The. WHG.019

Twopenny Postman. WHG.020 Garryowen,aka. WHG.020

Come Haste to the Wedding. WHG.021 Haste to the Wedding. WHG.021

Jenny Jones. WHG.022

Jenny Jones. WHG.023

Oh Tell me When and tell me Where. WHG.024 ?

Flowers of Edinbarough. WHG.025 Flowers of Edinburgh. WHG.025

Black Joke. WHG.026

No 1. WHG.027

Funney Eye. WHG.028

G E. WHG.029 ?

Canadian Boat Song,The. WHG.030

National Anthem,The. WHG.031

Quick Step. WHG.032 Le Garcon Volage,aka. WHG.032 Dingle's Regatta,aka. WHG.032

Hoops Quadrille. WHG.033

National Anthem(untitled). WHG.034

Untitled Tune,2voices. WHG.035

We Won't Go Home Till Morning. WHG.35a

Copenhagen Waltz. WHG.036

Copenhagen Waltz. WHG.037

Hungarian Waltz. WHG.038

Waltz. WHG.039

Waltz. WHG.040 Oh,My Lovely Augustine,aka. WHG.040

Waltz,2voices. WHG.041

At Close of Day. WHG.042 Favourite Tyrolien Air in William Tell,aka. WHG.042

Kiss the Lady. WHG.043

Bavarian Air. WHG.044

Devil Among the Taylors,The. WHG.045 Fairy Dance,aka. WHG.045

Squad Qudrille. WHG.046

God Save the Queen Secondo. WHG.047

Rory O.Moore,aka. WHG.048

Trumpet Quick Step. WHG.049

Jim Crow. WHG.050

Sich a Gitting up Stairs. WHG.051

Bonnets of Blue. WHG.052

Untitled Jig WHG053

Little Fan Down in our Village. WHG.054

Orinthia. WHG.055

Julia,aka,2voices. WHG.055a

O Where and O Where can your Hilland Laddy Dell. WHG.056

God Save the Queen. WHG.057

Rory O Morre Secondo. WHG.058

Nit my Dolly Palls Frake away. WHG.059

Beneath this Consecrated roof. WHG.060

81st Ps or 24. WHG.061

New Portugese Hymn. WHG.062 The 103 Ps Nw Portugese Hymn. WHG.062

25th Ps. WHG.063

S Hymn. WHG.064

9th P Ver 9 10 11. WHG.065

Saint Davids 109. WHG.066

1st Ps. WHG.067

24 Psalm New Ver 46 P 2 Over. WHG.068

24th Ps New V. 46 2 Over,2voices. WHG.069

New Sabbath or 150 Psalm,2voices. WHG.070

Old or New 100th Ps Verses,2voices. WHG.071

50th Psalm. WHG.072

148 Psalm New Ver.. WHG.073

While Shepards Wach,4voices. WHG.074

91 Psalm Martins Lane. WHG.075

While Shepards Wach. WHG.076

Clark's 103 Psalm. WHG.077

21st Psalm New Version. WHG.078

From Dixon's Trumpet Piece. WHG.079

Ps 47 Old V.. WHG.080

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