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Harrison, Rev. R.

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Temple Sowerby

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Wragg's Lesson the 7th.2voices. RH.001

Wragg's Lesson the 8th.2voices. RH.002

Wragg's Lesson the 9th.2voices. RH.003

Wragg's Lesson the 10th.2voices. RH.004

Wragg's Duetto the 20th,A March.2voices. RH.005

Wragg's Duetto the 1st.2voices. RH.006

Wragg's Duetto the 12th.2voices. RH.007

Cameron's Got his Wife again.2voices. RH.008

Wragg's Duetto the 43rd.2voices. RH.009

Wragg's Duetto the 57th.2voices. RH.011

Wragg's Duetto the 38th Rondo. 2voices. RH.012

Ap Shenkin. RH.010 Tempest,The,aka. RH.010

Wragg's Duetto the 30th.A March.2voices. RH.013

Trip to the Cottage,A. RH.014

Wragg's Duetto the 28th.2voices. RH.015

Chilling O Guiry with Variations. RH.016 Cats Dinner,The. RH.016

Maggie Lawder with Variations. RH.017

Weatherall's Quick Step. RH.018

Tars of the Victory,The. RH.019

I'll Never Leave Thee Laddie. RH.020

Union Slow March. RH.021

Lass of Ballockingle[?],The RH.022

New Rigged Ship,The. RH.023

Quakers Wife,The RH.024 Merrily Kissed The...aka. RH.024

Sicilian March. RH.025 Sicilian Dance, aka. RH.025

Miss Fancy Hornpipe . RH.026

Del Caro's Hornpipe. RH.027

Nightingale,The. RH.028

Allen Goose Fair. RH.029

Pleasant Reel. RH.030 Gloster Reel, aka. RH.030 Gloucester Reel , aka. RH.030

Bugle March,The Quick. RH.031 Quick Bugle March,The. RH.031

Quick March,A. RH.032

Jessy the Flower of Dumblane. RH.033

Italian March,The. RH.034

Morgiana in Ireland. RH.035

Wounded Hussar,The. RH.036

Liberty to the Sailors. RH.037

Larietts Fancy. RH.038

Miss Douglass Strathspey. RH.039

Hibernia. RH.040

Sir Edwards of Woodlands Jigg. RH.041

Fairies Dance,The.2voices. RH.042 Largo's Fairy Dance,aka. RH.042

Fairies Advance,The. 2voices RH.043

In My Cottage Near a Wood.2voices RH.044

Dance in Peggy's Law[?]2voices. RH.045 Peggy's Law, Dance In. RH.045

La Chasse.2voices RH.046

Rondo in the Turnpike Gate2voices RH.047 Turnpike Gate,aka. RH.047

Bath Medley,The. RH.048 Wedding Shoes,aka. RH.048

Recovery,The. RH.049

Cornish Quick March.2voices RH.050

Irish Wedding,The. RH.051 New May Moon,aka. RH.051 Young May Moon,aka. RH.051

I Can No Longer Stifle??. RH.052

Rondo in the Overture to Rossina.2voices RH.053

Mother Goose. RH.054

Duke of York's March,The. RH.055

Duke of York. RH.056

Andrew Carey. RH.057

Duke of York's Troop. RH.058

Balanafag. RH.059

Livery Yeomanry. RH.060

Grenadiers New Slow March.2voices. RH.061

La Pipe De Tabac.2voices RH.062

Ye Banks and Breas of Bonny Done.2voices RH.063

City of Paris,The.2voices RH.064 ?aka. RH.064

Drink to me Only With Thine Eyes.2voices RH.065

Scotch Air,A. RH.066 My Love is But a Lassie Yet,aka. RH.066

Miss Bailey's March.2voices RH.067

East Lincoln Quick Step,The. 2voices RH.068

Lass of Peatie's Mill,The.2voices RH.069 Lass of Patie's Mill,The,aka. RH.069

Duke of Glosester's March.2voices RH.070

Salarza. RH.071

Lewis the 18th. RH.072

Roy's Wife. RH.073 Roy's Wife of Aldivalloch,aka. RH.073

German Airs.2voices RH.074

Dunbarton Drums. RH.075 Dumbarton Drums,aka. RH.075

Bonniest Lass of aw the World,With Vars. RH.076

Liverpool Hornpipe,aka. RH.077

Willie Was a Wanton Wag.With Vars. RH.078

Countess of Eglington's Delight,The. RH.079 Haste to The Wedding,aka? RH.079

Troop,A. RH.080

Lucy Campbell's Delight. RH.081

How Imperfect is Expression. RH.082

Malta March,The. RH.083

Bonny Jane. RH.084

West's Hornpipe. RH.085

Russian Dance,The. RH.086

Tekeli. RH.087

Smash the Windows. RH.088

Miss Johnson's Reel. RH.089

Momfrina. RH.090 Italian Montferina,aka. RH.090 Rowling Bet, aka. RH.090

Sailors all at the Bar,The. RH.091

Paddy O Carrol. RH.092

Lass and the Money's all my Own,The. RH.093

Pandean Dance in Tekeli. RH.094

New Claret. RH.095

Duke of Gordon's Birth Day,The. RH.096

Paddy Cary. RH.097

Banks of Allen,The. RH.098

Lucy Campbell. RH.099

Sylph,The. RH.100

Banks of the Dee. RH.101

Paddy O Raferty. RH.102

Money in Both Pockets. RH.103

Haste to the Wedding. RH.104 Trip to the Dargle,The. RH.104

Savage Dance. RH.105

Waterloo Dance,The. RH.106 Timour The Tartar,aka. RH.106 Blanchland Races,aka. RH.106

Captive Waltz,The. RH.107

Trip to Brussels. RH.108

Reel,A. RH.109 Down The Bank,aka. RH.109

Prince Leopold of Saxe Cobourg's Waltz. RH.110

Magpie,The. RH.111 Maid,The,by H.R.Bishop. RH.111

De'ils Dead. RH.112

Tartan Plaid. RH.113

La Hollandaise Waltz. RH.114

La Clara. RH.115

La Honorine. RH.116

La Belle Alliance Waltz. RH.117

La Petite Nanette. RH.118

St. Helena. RH.119

Crazy Jane. RH.120

Bred's of Marr. RH.121 Braes Of Marr(2), aka. RH121

Copenhagen Waltz,The. RH.122 Danish Waltz. RH.122

Reel,A. RH.123

Irishman,The. RH.124

Slack's Fancy. RH.125

Prussian Waltz. RH.126

Lasses of Stewart Town,The. RH.127

Peacock Hornpipe,The,aka. RH.128

Pea Straw. RH.129

Marquess of Huntley's Strathspey,The. RH.130

Hard Times. RH.131

12th of August,The. RH.132

Thro' the Wood Spinnet. RH.133

March,A. RH.134

Mrs McLead. RH.135 Mrs McLeod,aka. RH.135

Trip to Inchcomb,A. RH.136

Stumpie. RH.137 Butter'd Pease,aka. RH.137 Jack's Be The daddy On't,aka. RH.137

General Graham's Victory. RH.138

Broad Hole. RH139

Bonny Bell. RH.140

Bad Fire,A. RH.141 Buttered Peas,aka. RH.141 Stumpie,aka. RH.141

Charlie Stuart. RH.142 Welcome,Charlie Stuart,aka. RH.142 Ye're Welcome Charlie Stuart,aka. RH.142

Duchess of Atholl's Strathspey,The. RH.143

Sir John Whiteford's Strathspey. RH.144

Hon'ble Mrs. Scott's Reel. RH.145

Kiss me fast,my Mother is Coming. RH.146

Humours of Glen with Variations. RH.147

Duncan Grey with Variations. RH.148

Royal Boarding School,The. RH.149 5th of December,The. RH.149

Auld Rob the Laird. RH.150

Miss L.Montgomery of Skermorlies S'spey. RH.151

Stuart Robertson's Rant. RH.152

Countess of Sutherland's Reel. RH.153

Hearts of Oak. RH.154

Prince's Welcome to the Isle of Skye,The. RH.155

Sailor Laddie,The. RH.156

Bonny Annie. RH.157

Saw Ye Nae My Peggy. RH.158

Miss Menzie of Culdare's Strathspey. RH.159

Care Thou Canker. RH.160 Favourite Catch,A RH.160

Neil Gow's Lamentation for Abervanny. RH.161.

My Love is Breathing. RH.162 Legacy,The. RH.162 Constant Billy,aka. RH.162

Alstone Slow March. RH.163

Lord Cathcart. RH.164

Handel's Water Piece. RH.165

Cawler Herring. RH.166 Caller Herring,aka. RH.166

Voulez Vous Dansez Mademoiselle. RH.167 Oats,Beans & Barley Grow,aka. RH.167

Lady Homes' Favourite. RH.168

O'er Boggie. RH.169

Dusty Miller,The. RH.170

British Grenadiers. RH.171

Lady of the Lake,The. RH.172

Morgan Rattler. RH.173

Lochaber No More. RH.174

Scots Fanny. RH.175

White Cockade,The. RH.176

Quick Step,25th Reg't. RH.177 25th Reg't.Quickstep. RH.177

Lads of the Village,The. RH.178

Wood Nunwich Fair. RH.179 Nunrich Fair,aka. RH.179

Ladies Play Thing,The. RH.180 Gen'l How's March. RH.180

Oyster Wive's Rant,The. RH.181

Moon & Seven Stars,The. RH.182 Seven Stars,aka. RH.182

Grand Parade,The. RH.183

Corporal,The. RH.184

Queen of Hearts,The. RH.185 Polly Put The Kettle On,aka. RH.185

Bung Your Eye. RH.186

Duke of Gloucester's Quick March,The. RH.187

Jackson's Morning Brush. RH.188

Campbells are Coming,The. RH.189

Lango Lee. RH.190 Banks of the Dee,The. RH.190

Miners of Wiclow,The. RH.191

Turkish March. RH.192

Widows Rant,The. RH.193

I'll Touzle Your Kerchy. RH.194

Recruiting Officer,The. RH.195

White Jack. RH.196 White Joke,aka. RH.196

Lads of Dunse,The. RH.197

Saint Patrick's Day in the Morning. RH.198

Lango Lee,New Way. RH.199 New Lango Lee. RH.199

La Promenade. RH.200

Nancy Dawson. RH.201

Soldiers Joy,The. RH.202

Up Wi't Aily Now. RH.203

I'd Rather Have a Piece Than a Kiss of my Jo. RH.204

Bab at the Bowster. RH.205 Country Bumpkin,aka. RH.205 Wooden Shoe Dance,aka. RH.205

Tom Tullus's Hornpipe. RH.206 Tom Tolley's Hp,aka.206 Tom Fowler's Hp,aka. RH.206

Quick March. RH.207 Handel's Quick March. RH.207

Jocky to the Fair. RH.208

Quick Step Old Buffs. RH.209 Old Buffs Quickstep. RH.209

For a' That and a' That. RH.210

Carlen[?] is your Daughter Ready. RH.211

Quick Step 71st Reg't. RH.212 71st Reg't.Quickstep. RH.212

Gentle Ann. RH.213

Thro' the Lang Muir. RH.214

We'll gang nae muir to yon Town. RH.215

Highland Laddie. RH.216

Troopers Quick Step,The. RH.217

Quick March 8th Reg't. RH.218 8th Reg't.Quick March. RH.218

Had the Lass Till I Win at Her. RH.219

Warkworth Castle. RH.220

Hay Makers,The. RH.221

My Wifes a Wanton Wee Thing. RH.222

Highway to Dublin,The. RH.223 Gallop & Shite,aka. RH.223 Cow's Corrant,aka. RH.223

Ducks Dang o'er my Dadie,The. RH.224 Buff Coat Hath No Fellow,The, aka. RH.224 She Wants A Fellow,aka. RH.224

Miss Katie Hall's Reel. RH.225

Miss Ramsay's Reel. RH.226

Charles Street Bank. RH.227

Tulloch Gorum. RH.228

Quick Step 37th Reg't. RH.229 37th Reg't.Quickstep. RH.229

McDonald's Quick Step. RH230

Female Rake,The. RH.231

Quick Step 4th Reg't. RH.232 4th Reg't Quickstep. RH.232

Highlandman Kiss'd his Mother. RH.233

La Demoiselle. RH.234

Quick Step 15th Reg't. RH.235 15th Reg't Quickstep. RH235

Where Will our Goodman Lye. RH.236 Red House in Cardiff,aka. RH.236

Quick Step Fuzileers. RH.237 Fusiliers Quickstep. RH.237

Queensberry House. RH.238 Welcome,Charlie Stuart,aka. RH.238 Down The Bank,aka. RH.238

Cupids Recruiting Sergeant. RH.239

Kiss me Sweetly. RH.240

Marionett. RH.241 Villagers,The,aka. RH.241

Quick Step 43rd Reg't. RH.242 43rd Reg't Quickstep. RH242

Cameronian's Rant. RH.243

Ranting Roaring Highlandman,The. RH.244

Push About the Jorum. RH.245

Lady Charlotte's Delight. RH.246

Royal Glasgow Volunteer's Farewell,The. RH.247

Major Montgomery's Quick Step. RH.248

My Lodging is on the Cold Ground. RH.249

Green Sleaves. RH.250

Parson in his Boots,The. RH.251

Sweet Molly. RH.252

1st Quick Step 42nd Reg't. RH.253 42nd Reg't 1st Quickstep. RH253

2nd Quick Step 42nd Reg't. RH.254 42nd Reg't 2nd Quickstep. RH.254

Lovely Lass to a Friar Came,A. RH.255

Dainty Beesom Maker,The. RH.256 Rose Tree,The,aka. RH256

Parson in the Suds,The. RH.257 Devil in a Bush,aka. RH.257

My Peggy is a Young Thing. RH.258

Long Room of Scarborough,The. RH.259

Drummer,The. RH.260 Ca' Hackie,aka. RH.260

2nd Quick Step 15th Reg't. RH.261 15th Reg't 2nd Quickstep. RH.261

Sukey Bids Me. RH.262

Dumb Glutton,The. RH.263 Dumb Waiter,The,aka. RH.263

March de Gens d'Armes. RH.264

Major Jas.Campbell's Quick Step. RH.265

Norrickystie. RH.266 Wild Irishman. RH.266 Fourpence Ha'penny Farthing, aka. RH.266

Wilkes's Wriggle. RH.267 De'ils Away With The Exiseman,aka. RH.267 Over The Water To Charlie, aka, RH.267

Merry Dancers,The. RH.268 High Way to Eglinton,The,aka. RH.268 Bonny Lass,The, aka. RH.268

Wonder,The. RH.269

Quick Step 30th Reg't. RH.270 30th Reg't Quickstep. RH.270

2nd Quick Step 30th Reg't. RH.271 30th Reg't Quickstep. RH.271

Pompey Run Away. RH.272

Shantruish. RH273 Sean Trews,aka. RH.273 This Is Not My Own Plaidie,aka. RH.273

Sailors Rant. RH274

Irish Lilt. RH.275

Braes of Angus,The. RH.276

Sae Braely as I was Kissed Yestre'en. RH.277 O,As I Was Kissed Yest're'en,aka. RH.277

Scots Royal's Quick March. RH.278 Kiss Her Fast Her Mother's Coming,aka. RH.278

Polygon,The. RH279

Sam Jones. RH.280

Second Batt'n Royals Quick Step. RH.281

Col.Arch'd Campbell's Quick Step. RH.282

Lord Glencairn's Quick Step. RH.283

Lass if I Come Near You. RH.284

West Fencibles Quick Step. RH.285

Lord Kelly's Reel. RH.286

La Nouvelle Anglaise. RH.287

Grace's Farewell. RH.288

March in the Battle of Prague. RH.289

Lord McDonald's Reel. RH.290

Grand Slow March. RH.291

Light and Airy. RH.292

Widow Wadman. RH.293

Morgiana in England. RH.294

Come Ashore Jolly Tar. RH.295

Come hap me with thy Pettycoat. RH.296

Farewell,The. RH.297

Batchelors of Ev'ry Station. RH.298

John the Badengond. RH.299

Gie me a Lass wi'a Lump o' Land. RH.300

Of O the Arts Vo(?). RH.301

Saw away 'lias Scrape away. RH.302

Amatun. RH.303

Heres a Health to all Good Lasses. RH.304

Balloon. RH.305

Waltz. RH.306

Waltz. RH.307

March,A. RH.308

Stoney Steps Hornpipe,aka. RH.309

Untitled Hornpipe. RH.310

Patrick O Hilly. RH.311

March,A. RH.312

Hornpipe. RH.313

Untitled RH.314

Untitled RH.315

M....[?] Farewell. RH.316

Miss Brown's Strathspey. RH.317

Untitled RH.318

Untitled RH.319

Untitled RH.320

Quick Step,A. RH.321

Waterloo. RH.322

Hornpipe,A. RH.323

Untitled RH.324

Newcastle Association March. RH.325

Negro Girls Waltz. RH.326

Come Hap Me with Thy Pettycoat. RH.327

Untitled RH.328

March,A. RH.329

Jacks Alive. RH.330

Davy Davy Nick Nack,aka. RH.331 Quick March. RH.331

Web's Slow March. RH.332

Web's Quick Step. RH.333

Neil Gow's Farewell to Whiskey. RHG.334 Farewell to Whiskey,aka. RHG.334

Royalists March. RH.335

Allenheads Hill. RH.336 Miss Thompson's Hornpipe,aka. RH.336

Errico. RH.337 Enrico,aka. RH.337

Miss Forbes Farewell to Banff. RH.338 Bill Hall's No2,aka. RH.338

Leathern Bottle,The. RH.339

French Hornpipe,A. RH.340

Old Towler. RH.341

Horse & Away to the New Market. RH.342

Over the Water to Charley. RH.343

Dunkeld House. RH.344

Amusements of the Town,The. RH.345 Miss Brown's Hp,aka. RH.345

Strathspey,A. RH.346

Irish Washerwoman,The. RH.347

Pipers Frolic. RH.348 Trip To Galloway,aka. RH.348

Soldiers Return,The. RH.349

W'n I was a Younker. RH.350 When I Was a Younker. RH.350

Bonny Pit Laddie,The. RH.351

Keel Row,The. RH.352

Princess Charlotte,The.2voices RH.353

Miss Homes Favourite. RH.354

Grand March by T.Thompson. RH.355

QuickStep,Grand March,T.Thompson,The. RH.356 Grand March,T.Thompson,The. RH.356

Highland Strathspey,The. RH.357 Miss Lyall,aka. RH.357

Braes of Marr,The. RH.358

John de Paris. RH.359 Jean de Paris,aka. RH.359

Spring Gardens Hornpipe,aka. RH.360

42nd Reg't Welcome Home Again,The. RH.361

Paddy's Own Sweet Little Island of Green. RH.362 Paddy's Green Island,aka. RH.362

Quick Step. RH.363

Jennys Baw Bee. RH.364

Be Gone Dull Care.4voices. RH.365

Paddy Whack. RH.366

Speed the Plough. RH.367

Earl Morris's Farewell to Scotland. RH.368

Miss Bridges Strathspey. RH.369

Mr. F.H.Bindon's March. RH.370

Go to the ... and Shake Yourself. RH.371 Go to the Devil and Shake Yourself. RH.371

Tink a Tink. RH.372

Richie's Hornpipe. RH.373 Richer's Hornpipe,aka. RH.373

Quick Step. RH.374

Rondo in Blue Beard. RH.376

Air in L'Offronde et Terpsichord. RH.376

Irish Air RH.377

Irish Air. RH.378

Air by Pleyel. RH.379 Pleyel Air,A. RH.379

Lady Nelsons Reel. RH.380

Leouk??,The. RH.381

Jenny Nettles. RH.382

Carlton House. RH.383

Jenny Dang the Weaver. RH.384

Rondo by Mr.Hook. RH.385

Back of the Change. RH.386

Celebrated Ger.Flute Solo in Vauxhalls Symphony. RH.387

Royal Lancashire Quick Step. RH.388 Lancashire Hornpipe,aka. RH.388

Lady Cholmondly Waltz. RH.389

Goby O,The. RH.390

Isle of Skie,The. RH.391

Gen'l Washingtons March. RH.392

Lord Seymour's Reel. RH.393 Torryburn Lasses,aka. RH.393 Tadie's Wattle,aka. RH.393

My Nanie O. RH.394

Blanchard's Hornpipe. RH.395 Fisher's Hornpipe,aka. RH.395

Can Ye Sew Cushions. RH.396

Of Age Tomorrow. RH.397 New Way of Getting Bairns,aka. RH.397 Open The Door To Three,aka. RH.397

Veni Vecchio. RH.398

Grand March. RH.399

Favourite French Air with Variations,A. RH.400

Egyptian Festival,The. RH.401 Machynlleth,aka. RH.401

Scotch Air.2voices RH.402

Jo?and no Jo? RH.403

And Are Ye Sure.2voices RH.404 Nae Good Luck,aka.Vars. RH.404

Celebrated French Air.2voices RH.405

Marriage Promenade ...[?],The. RH.406

Grand March...2voices RH.407

Air in Peeping Tom of Coventry.2voices RH.408

Little Peggy's Love. RH.409

Marine's March as a Duett.2voices.,The RH.410

Duett by Pleyel.2voices. RH.411 Pleyel,Duett by. RH.411

Madam Hellgsbey's Dance in Barbara Allen. RH.412

Little Linnings in Love Who is He. RH.413

Chantreuse,The. RH.414

Delight of the Men of Duffi,The. RH.415

Grinders,The. RH.416 Our Bride is No Maid,aka. RH.416 Hexhamshire Lass,aka. RH.416

Lady Mary Ramsay's Reel. RH.417

King of the Cattie,The. RH.418

Mad'e Catalani's Favourite. RH.419

Garthlands. RH.420

Royal Quick Step,The. RH.421 Boys & Girls Come Out To Play,aka. RH.421

Yellow Hair'd Laddie,The. RH.422

Fife Hunt,The. RH.423

Miss Stewarts Reel. RH.424

Green Grow the Rashis (with Vars.). RH.426

Downfall of Paris,The. RH.427

Battle of the Nile,The.2voices RH.428

Westminster Slow March,The.2voices RH.429

Duke of York's New March,The.2voices RH.430 Here's Goodbye Lads...aka. RH.430

Austrian's Retreat,The.2voices RH.431

Chantreuse,The. RH.432

Valencienne's Slow March.2voices RH.433

Lord How's Hornpipe. RH.434 Fisher's Hornpipe,aka. RH.434

Queen's March,The. 2voices RH.435

Dance in the Prior Claim. RH.436

Dark Tower,The.2voices RH.437

Mr's Murray of Abercanny's Strathspey. RH.438

Rondo.2voices RH.439

La Romenella. RH.440

Welsh Air,A. RH.441

Dead March in Saul.2voices RH.442

Rondeau,Opera of the Zauberflote.2voices RH.443 Magic Flute,Rondeau. RH.443

Haunted Tower,The. RH.444

Madame Hillisberg's Scotch Dance. RH.445

Money Musk. RH.446

Netley Abbey. RH.447

Ashleys Hornpipe. RH.448 Astley's Ride,aka. RH.448

Astley's Flag. RH.449 Ashley's Flag. RH.449

Princess of Wales Hornpipe,The. RH.450 Morpeth Rant,aka. RH.450

Duetto.2voices RH.451

French Air. RH.452

Caledonian Hunt. RH.453

How Sweet in the Woodlands.2voices RH.454

L Horae's [?] Welcome to L'd RH.455

Catch for Three Flutes.2voices RH.456

Royal Quick Step. RH.457 Boys & Girls...aka. RH.457

Honey Moon,The. RH.457.5

Off She Goes. RH.458

French Air.2voices RH.459

Dance in Laura & Lenza.2voices RH.460 Laura & Lenza. RH.460

Gen'l Bonaparte's March. RH.461 Bonapart's March,aka. RH.461

Lord Nelson's Hornpipe. RH.462

Lorny?Mr. Wotten. RH.463

Popular German Air,A. RH.464

Gramachree Molly. RH.465

Untitled RH.466

Miss Eleanora Campbell of Kilbride's Reel. RH.467

Royan's Rant. RH.468 Highland Man Kissed His Granny,aka. RH.468

Lady Shaftesbury's Fancy. RH.469

Soldiers Return,The. RH.470 Mill,Mill O,aka. RH.470 Blue-eyed Stranger,aka. RH.470

Hamilton's Rant. RH.471

Miss Charlotte Stirling's Jig. RH.472 Lads Of Dunse,aka. RH.472

Tarry Wool. RH.473

Western Isles Air,A. RH.474

Within a Mile of Edinburgh. RH.475

Waltz,A.2voices RH.476

Slow March,A. 2voices RH.477

Slow March,A. 2voices RH.478

College Hornpipe. RH.479

Highland Laddie. RH.480 Tom & Jerry,aka. RH.480

Das Kinget is Heulich. RH.481

Gloomy Winter's Night,The. RH.482 Theme from The Piano! RH.482

Rondo.2voices. RH.483

My Lady. RH.484

Lee Riggs with variations. RH.485 Lea Riggs with variations. RH.485

O Nanny Wilt Thou Fly With Me. RH.486

O Dear,What Can The Matter Be. RH.487

Scottie Cam O'er The Border,with variations. RH.488

J.Forster Esq'rs Favourite. RH.489

Kildenny Willy. RH.490 Hexham Races,aka. RH.490

Slave,The. RH.491 Sloe,The,aka. RH.491

Harvest Home,The. RH.492

Vulcan's Cave. RH.493 King of the Cannibal Islands,aka. RH.493 Cumberland Reel,aka. RH.493 Nottingham Swing,aka. RH.493

New Castle Slow March. RH.494

Highland Laddie,The. RH.495

Soldier's Dream,The. RH.496

Col.Howard's March. RH.497

Cumberland Rangers Troop,The. RH.498

Cumberland Militia Quick Step,The. RH.499

Anderson's Hornpipe. RH.500

Slow March. RH.501

Mr's Browns Hornpipe. RH.502 Liverpool Hornpipe,aka. RH.502

Earl's Favourite. RH.503

Love Waltz,The. RH.504

Strathspey. RH.505

Vicar and Moses. RH.506

Dragoon's Slow March,The. RH.507

Old English Gentleman. RH.508

Cork Leg,The. RH.509 King and the Countryman,The. RH.509

Buy a Broom. RH.510 Lieber Augustine,aka. RH.510 I'm A Little Dutch Girl,aka. RH.510

When a Man's a Little Bit Poorly. RH.511 Bab At The Bowster,aka. RH.511 Country Bumpkin,aka. RH.511

Annan Polka.(incomplete) The RH.512

Saxonies Hornpipe.2voices RH.513 Lord Nelson's Hp,aka. RH.513 Bridge of Lodi,aka. RH.513

Hungarian Schottische.2voices RH.514 Girl with a Blue Dress on,The,aka. RH.514

Schottische.2voices. RH.515 Original Schottische,The,aka.2voices. RH.515 Linhope Lope,aka.2voices. RH.515

Garry Owen. RH.516

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