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Jones, John

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Ash, north Shropshire

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The Manuscript has the handwritten title "John Jones his book 1801" and is
one of the four "Ash manuscripts" belonging to a Mr Richard Hughes, from the
area around Ash in North Shropshire.
A collection of 133 tunes, a few of which have arrangements for 2 instruments.
The work comprises dance tunes (mainly jigs, hornpipes), military marches, song
tunes of the time.

Duke of York's March (in D) JJo.001

Untitled March. JJo.001a

Rosling(sic) Castle. JJo.002

Flock's in a Cluster(Cloister?),The. JJo.003

When William at Eve. JJo.004

Lady Coventry's Minuet with Variations. JJo.005

Hope Thou Curse. JJo.006

Wedding Day,The. JJo.007

Poor Jack. JJo.008

Marionets Cotillion. JJo.009 Villagers,The,aka. JJo.009

How Sweet in the Woodland.2voices. JJo.010

Lovely Nancy,with (4)variations. JJo.011

Lovely Nancy,with(4) variations(in G). JJo.011a

Marquis of Granby's March. JJo.012

Ma chre ame(???)(in D). JJo.013 Ma chère amie. JJo.013

I was within a mile of Edenburgh town. JJo.014

Within a Mile of Edenburgh Town. JJo.015

Duke of York's Return from Holland. JJo.016

Bright Phoebus(with verse).2voices. JJo.069

March in the 15th Regt. JJo.017 15th Regt March. JJo.017

Desponding (?)Negro,The. JJo.018

Hive Bonnet(A Quick March),The. JJo.019

Ma chère amie(in C). JJo.020

Malbrouk. JJo.021 For He's a Jolly Good Fellow,aka. JJo.021

Lovely Nymph. JJo.022

Duke of York's March (in C). JJo.023

Bellisles March. JJo.024 Monck's March,aka. JJo.024

Nineteenth Century. JJo.025

Lango Lee. JJo.026 Banks of the Dee,aka. JJo.026

Nautical Hornpipe,The. JJo.027 Manchester Hornpipe,aka. JJo.027 Ricketts Hornpipe,aka. JJo.027

Shepherd I have lost my love. JJo.028

Lass of Paties Mill,The. JJo.029

Dusky Night,The JJo.030

Death of Auld Robin Gray JJo.031

Begone Dull Care.2voices. JJo.032

Blue Beard. JJo.033 March from Blue Beard,aka. JJo.033

Since Love. JJo.034

Queen's March. JJo.035

How Sweet in the Woodlands.2voices. JJo.036

Nancy Dawson. JJo.037

Soldier's Cloak,The. JJo.038

La Belle Jeannette. JJo.039

Queen's March,The. JJo.040

Yellow Hair Laddie,The. JJo.041

Sir You are a Comical Fellow. JJo.042 Comical Fellow,The,aka. JJo.042

Nymph,The JJo.043

Sun from the East,The. JJo.044

French Mariners March,The. JJo.045

I do what I will with my Swain. JJo.046

Grand Swaine,The. JJo.047 Chester Castle,aka. JJo.047 Grants Whim,aka. JJo.047

Pits Hornpipe. JJo.048 College Hornpipe,aka. JJo.048 Sailor's Hornpipe,aka. JJo.048

Hark the Huntsman's begun. JJo.049

Nancy of the Dale. JJo.050

Ruff and Rees. JJo.051

Devonshire(?) QuickStep. JJo.052

Song Long Paw. JJo.053 Nong Tong Paw,aka. JJo.053

Hedsor Dale. JJo.054

Grinder,The. JJo.055 Tobias the Grinder,aka. JJo.055 Our Bride is No Maid,aka. JJo.055

Soldiers Cloak,The. JJo.056

Quick March. JJo.057

Country Dance. JJo.058 Ball,The,aka. JJo.058

Oak Stick,The. JJo.059 Mrs.Casey,aka. JJo.059

Cheshire Quick March,The. JJo.060

Ashley's Hornpipe. JJo.061 Astley's Ride,aka. JJo.061

Duchess of York's Favourite,The. JJo.062

Quick March. JJo.063

Smith's Fancy. JJo.064

Country Dance. JJo.065

Lighterman's Delight,The JJo.066

Knight Hall. JJo.067

Capachine,The. JJo.068

Quick Step. JJo.070

Sweet Lillies of the Valley. JJo.071

Quick Step. JJo.072

German March. JJo.073

Miss Nancy Fancy(?). JJo.074

Cottage Maid. JJo.075

Heaving the Lead. JJo.076

Banks of Eyderinay,The. JJo.077

Tink A Tink. JJo.078

Duke of Glosters March. JJo.079

Capt. Reeds. JJo.080 3rd Regt of the Guards March,The,aka. JJo.088

Lovely Nymph. JJo.081

Capt Mackintosh's Fancy. JJo.082 Captain Mackintosh's Fancy,aka. JJo.082

Caledonian Laddie,The. JJo.083

Prince Frederick's March. JJo.084

Quick March. JJo.085

Downfall of Paris.2voices. JJo.086

Marshal Saxe's new March. JJo.087

Quick Step. JJo.088

Dear Image of the Man I Love. JJo.089

New Highland Laddie,The. JJo.090

Lord Stranger's March. JJo.091

On Board a Man of War. JJo.092

Bonny Bett. JJo.093

Foxhunter's Gig. JJo.094

Blue Bells of Scotland,The. JJo.095

Old Towler. JJo.096

March.2voices. JJo.097

Prince Wm of Glosters March.2voices. JJo.098

Wine cannot Cure.2voices. JJo.099 From Night til Morn,aka.2voices. JJo.099

Morgan Rattler. JJo.100

Cottage Maid. JJo.101

Drink to me only with thine Eyes.2voices. JJo.102

Care thou Canker. JJo.103

Garoio an Irish Air. JJo.104 Garryowen,aka. JJo.104

Perth Hunt. JJo.105

Earl of Vincents Fancy. JJo.106

Limping Maid,The. JJo.107

Richer's Hornpipe. JJo.108

Lady Shaftsbury's Delight. JJo.109

New Horace. JJo.110

Morpeth Rant. JJo.111

Camp Frolic,The. JJo.112

Lord McDonald's Rant. JJo.113

Duke's Whim,The. JJo.114

Cheshire Quick Step. JJo.115

Queen of Prussia's delight,The. JJo.116

The last time I came over the Moor. JJo.117

Duke of York's new March. JJo.118

Quick March. JJo.119

Corsair Hornpipe. JJo.120

Parry's Waltz. JJo.121

Duke of York's March(in F). JJo.122

Drum beats to Arms,The. JJo.123

Queen's March(in F with "Trio" section). JJo.124

Slow March. JJo.125

Jig in Harlequin Amulet. JJo.126 Harlequin Amulet. JJo.126 Garryowen,aka. JJo.126

Lord Beauchamps March. JJo.127

Paddy O'Rafferty. JJo.128

Blanchards Hornpipe. JJo.129 Fishers Hornpipe,aka. JJo.129

March. JJo.130

Worcester Farewell. JJo.131 Last Valentine's Day,aka. JJo.131

16th Regt March,The. JJo.132

Constitutional Volunteers,The. JJo.133

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