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Spencer, George

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%%abc-alias George Spencer
%%abc-creator ABCexplorer 1.3.7 [13/12/2009]
%%abc-edited-by www.village-music-project.org.uk
%VMP.Cherri Graebe, 1999
%Revised 20/05/2003
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%Revised again 12/2009

Peggy Perkins. GS.001

So Rax. GS.002

WINTER a favorite song. GS.003

Andrew Carr. GS.004

French Air. GS.005

Duke of Yorks Cotillion. GS.006

Chips and Shavings. GS.007

Drunken Wives,The. GS.008

Regent Park. GS.009

Cucko Nest,The. GS.010, Cuckoo's Nest,The.aka. GS.010 Come Ashore Jolly Tar,aka. GS.010

Brides Bells,The. GS.011

Brest Nots. GS.012 Breast Knots?. GS.012

Astlys Hornpipe. GS.013 Ashley's Hornpipe,aka. GS.013 Astley's Hornpipe,aka. GS.013

Crazy Jane. GS.014

Second Highdance. GS.015

Marcy Ferous? GS.016 Lady first Highdance,the,aka. GS.016

Cottage Dance. GS.017 Kitty O'Lynn,aka. GS.017

John of Paris.2voices. GS.018

Second Hornpipe. GS.019

Mother Goose or Grimaldi - fragment. GS.020 Grimaldi. GS.020

La Bell Catherine. GS.021 Lady Belle Catherine,aka. GS.021 Shrewsbury Quarry,aka. GS.021 Come Let Us Sing And Dance,aka. GS.021

Dashing White Sargent. GS.022

Keel Row. GS.023

Barbery Bell. GS.024 St. Patrick's Day in the Morning,aka. GS.024

White Cockade,The. GS.025

Lieber Augustine,aka. GS.026

Fairy Dance,The. GS.027 Largo's Fairy Dance,aka. GS.027

Lady of the Lake,The. GS.028

House That Jack Bilt,The. GS.029

Rule Britannia. GS.030

Julia, a Quadrile. GS.031

Collage Hornpipe. GS.032 Sailors Hornpipe,aka. GS.032 College Hornpipe,aka. GS.032

Legacy,The. GS.033

La Belle. GS.034 Davy Davy Knick Knack,aka. GS.034

Balls Hornpipe(?). GS.035

Mony Musk. GS.036 Sir Archibald Grant of Monemusk's Reel,aka. GS.036

La Fantase. GS.037 Sally Sloane's.etc.aka. GS.037 Trip to Cottingham,aka. GS.037

Stiam Boat,The. GS.038 Steam Boat,The. GS.038

Come Haste to the Wedding. GS.039 Haste to the Wedding. GS.039

German Air. GS.040 Lieber Augustine,aka. GS.040

Scots Over The Borders. GS.041 Carraroe,aka. GS.041

Wind That Blows The Barley,The. GS.042

Triumpt,The. GS.043 Triumph,The. GS.043

Rob Roy. GS.044

Cottage Dance. GS.045 Kitty O'Lynn,aka. GS.045

Ecko Dance. GS.046

Reel, A. GS.047

Swiss Boy. GS.048

Cottagers,The. GS.049 Trip to the Cottage,aka. GS.049

Trip to LONDON, A. GS.050 Margaret's Tune,aka. GS.050

Mrs. McLeoad. GS.051 Miss or Mrs McLeod,aka. GS.051

Speed the Plough. GS.052

Harlequin Hornpipe. GS.053

All on the Tongo Island. GS.054 King of the Cannnibal Islands,aka. GS.054 Nottingham Swing,aka. GS.054

Recovery,The. GS.055

Young May Moon,The. GS.056

Sir Malcolm Gereams(?). GS.057

Stiam Boat,The. GS.058 Steam Boat,The. GS.058

Smash the Windows. GS.059 Roaring Jelly,aka. GS.059

Nancy Dawson. GS.60

Roger's Reel. GS.061

Stable Call,The. GS.062

Over the Water to Charly. GS.063

Kenlock of Kenlock. GS.064 Kinloch of Kinloch,aka. GS.064 Blow the Wind Southerly,aka. GS.064

Dr. Syntax or The Race horse. GS.065 Race Horse,The. GS.065 Rose,The. GS.065

Allexander. GS.066

Sicilian Dance,The. GS.067

Salors (Salours) hornpipe. GS.068 Fisher's Hp,aka. GS.068 Egg Hp,aka. GS.068

Waterloo Bridge. GS.069

Molly put the Kettle on. GS.070 Polly put the Kettle on,aka. GS.070

Kirgate Hornpipe. GS.071 Kirkgate Hornpipe. GS.071 New Castle Hornpipe,aka. GS.071

Calder Fair. GS.072 Cawdor Fair,aka. GS.072 Sing a Song of Sixpence,aka. GS.072

Diviels Dream,The. GS.073 Devil's Dream,The. GS.073 Devil Among the Tailors. GS.073

Legacy,The. GS.074

Tank,The. GS.075

German Air. GS.076 Lieber Augustine. GS.076

Quizes,The. GS.077

Muses,The. GS.078 Three Meet,aka. GS.078

La Lodoiska. GS.079

Flying Boy,The. GS.080 Cats in the Village,aka. GS.080

Life Let Us Cherish. GS.081

Austrian Charge,The. GS.082

Do so In a Meraca (America). GS.083 East Neuk o' Fife,aka. GS.083

French Air. GS.084

Le Petit Tambour. GS.085 Grand Old Duke of York,aka. GS.085

Di Tanti Palpite. GS.086

Carnival de Venices. GS.087 When Daylight Shines,aka. GS.087 Uncle Jim's Jig(Bob Cann's),aka. GS.087

Huntsman's Chorus in Dr. Freyschutz. GS.088 Der Freischütz,aka. GS.088

Hornpipe,A. GS.089

Chalmers' Hornpipe. GS.090

Lassells Hornpipe. GS.091 Trumpet Hornpipe,aka. GS.091

Shuters Hornpipe. GS.092

Butchers Hornpipe. GS.093

Blickling Races. GS.094 Timour The Tartar,aka. GS.094 Blanchard Races,aka. GS.094

Earl Cathcart. GS.095

Non my Ricordo. GS.096

York Winter Assemblies. GS.097

Warterloo Dance,The. GS.098 Waterloo Dance,The. GS.098

Vauxalls Hornpipe. GS.099 Sadler's Wells Hornpipe,aka. GS.099

No Luck About the House. GS.100 Nae Guid Luck Aboot etc,aka. GS.100

Cambells Are Coming. GS.101

Paddy O'Carrel. GS.102

Morning Fair Hornpipe. GS.103 Rickett's Hp,aka. GS.103 Manchester Hp,aka. GS.103

Seventh Bullet. GS.104

Betsy Baker. GS.105 Push About The Jorum,aka. GS.105

Cl. Stewart's Quadrille. GS.106

Joys of Wedlock,The. GS.107

Just in Time. GS.108

Duncan Gray. GS.109

Reel,A. GS.110

Gallop on Gaily. GS.111

Princes Hornpipe. GS.112 ?

Mrs.Casy. GS.113

Saghoni Waltz,The. GS.114 Green Hills of Tyrol,aka. GS.114

Wanton Widow,The. GS.115

Mount Edgcomb. GS.116

Hum the Hummer. GS.117

Prussian Soldier,The. GS.118

Marquis of Gramby's Rant,The. GS.119

Priest In his Boots,The. GS.120

Tumblers Hornpipe. GS.121 Washington Hp,aka. GS.121 Y Fasged Wyau,aka. GS.121

Nelsons Hornpipe. GS.122

Zelmira. GS.123

Three Fingered Jack. GS.124

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