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Stables, Henry

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%%abc-alias Henry Stables
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4th Dragoon's March. HS.01

My Love is But a Lassie Yet. HS.02

Wilt Thou Meet Me There Love. HS.03

Nora Crena. HS.04

Hunters Chorus,The. HS.05

Mrs.Chazey. HS.06 Mrs Casey,aka. HS.06

Harvest Moon. HS.07

Gallop in Gustavus. HS.08 Winster Galop,a.k.a. HS.08

Oddfellows Holiday. HS.09

Young May Moon,The. HS.10

La Elizabeth. HS.11 Elizabeth,La. HS.11

Lord Harwick's March. HS.12

Duncan Gray,Fragment. HS.13

Scale for D Major. HS.14

Auld Lang Syne. HS.15

Russian Dance. HS.16 Fairy Dance,aka. HS.16

La Native. HS.17

Billy Pitt. HS.18

Highland Lad. HS.19 White Cockade,aka. HS.19

Weel May The Boatie Row. HS.20

Scale of G Major. HS.21

Campbells Are Coming,The. HS.22

Napoleon's March. HS.23 Napoleon's Grand March,aka. HS.23

Bownan's March. HS.24

Scale of A Major. HS.25

Devil's Dream,The. HS.26

I'll Go No More To Yon Town. HS.27

Weel May The Kiel Row. HS.28 Keel Row,aka. HS.28

Weel May The Kiel Row. HS.29 Keel Row,aka. HS.29

Devent Castle. HS.30 Roxburgh Castle,aka. HS.30

King's Polka. HS.31

Liverpool Hornpipe. HS.32

Wind That Blows The Barley,The. HS.33

Soldier's Joy. HS.34

Elphien's Waltze. HS.35

Favourite Waltz,A. HS.36

Girl I Left Behind Me,The. HS.37

Waltz,A. HS.38

Schottische,The. HS.39

Jenny Jones. HS.40 Sweet Jennie Jones,aka. HS.40

Scale of F Major. HS.41

Waltz,A. HS.42

Lucy Long. HS.43

Lass O' Gowrie,The. HS.44

Royal Charlie. HS.45

Annie Lisle. HS.46

Finale. HS.47

Hunsup Through The Wood. HS.48

Gallop,A. HS.49

Strauss Gallop. HS.50

Lord Harwick's March. HS.51

Valentine's March. HS.52

Maiden's Dream,The. HS.53

Astley's Ride. HS.54

Elterwater Hornpipe. HS.55

Elterwater Quickstep. HS.56 Lamb Skinnet,aka. HS.56

Grand Hornpipe,A. HS.57

Flowers Of Edinburgh. HS.58

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