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Staffordshire (anon)

Parent :- Village Music Project

reportedly from Staffordshire

%%abc-alias Anonymous Staffordshire MS
%%abc-creator ABCexplorer 1.3.4 [27/12/2008]
%%abc-edited-by www.village-music-project.org.uk
%VMP.Tim Willetts
%Revised 21/05/2003
%Revised again 11/2008
%Revised again 12/2009

Allen a Dale. ST.01

Tekili,(Incomplete). ST.02

Fragment of untitled tune. ST.03

Drops of Brandy. ST.04

Meg Merriless. ST.05 Persian Hunt,aka. ST.05 Boyne Hunt,aka. ST.05

Ronda. ST.06 Ode To Joy,aka. ST.06

March in Blue Beard. ST.07

Turkish Air.A. ST.08

Tis But Fancy's Sketch. ST.09

Cambrian Lyrist,The. ST.10

Downfall of Paris. ST.11

Come Under My Plaidy. ST.12 Johnny McGill,aka. ST.12

Cuckoo,The. ST.13

Miss Fords Dance. ST.14 Shepherd's Hey,aka. ST.14

Life Let Us Cherish. ST.15

Tyrolese(?) Song of Liberty. ST.16 New Tyrolean Waltz,aka. ST.16

Welch Air. ST.17

Washington's March at the Battle of ? ST.18

Portuguese Laudie(?),The. ST.19

Pray Goody. ST.20

Oranje B?ven ST.21

Said a Smile to a Tear. ST.22

Copenhagen Waltz. ST.23

Opera Hat,The. ST.24

Mrs McLeod . ST.25

Arthur the Brave. ST.26

Fly Not Yet. ST.27

Orange Waltz,The. ST.28

Irish Air. ST.29 William & Nancy,aka. ST.29

Beauty In Tears. ST.30

Fal Lal La. ST.31

New Lango Lee. ST.32 Lango Lee,aka. ST.32 Banks of the Dee,aka. ST.32

Staffordshire March. ST.33

Boxing the Compass. ST.34

I Am Quite the Thing. ST.35

Smile Again My Bonnie Lassie. ST.36

Favourite Italian Dance,The. ST.37

A Love of Beauty. ST.38 Love of Beauty. ST.38

March In M?s?ielle. ST.39

Mistletoe Bough,The. ST.40

Whan Love Hath Bereft Him. ST.41

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