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Watson, George

Parent :- Village Music Project

Swanton Abbott, Norfolk

%%abc-alias George Watson
%%abc-creator ABCexplorer 1.3.7 [13/12/2009]
%%abc-edited-by www.village-music-project.org.uk
%VMP Taz Tarry, 2000.
%Revised 11/2008
%Revised again 12/2009

Red Rose Polka. GHW.001

Country Dance Polka. GHW.002

Pop Goes the Weasel. GHW.003

Bella Clara Polka. GHW.004

Holly Polka. GHW.005

Country Dance. GHW.006 If The Life Of A Man,aka. GHW.006

Jenny Lind Polka. GHW.007

Little Polly Polka. GHW.008

Bird Polka. GHW.009

Polka. GHW.010

Briton Polka. GHW.011

Trip to the Cottage. GHW.012

Polka. GHW.013

Soldiers Joy Reel. GHW.014

Circasian Polka. GHW.015

My First Step Polka. GHW.016

Clara Polka,The. GHW.017

Genny Bell. GHW.018 Jenny Bell?aka. GHW.018

Black and Tan Polka. GHW.019

Polka. GHW.020

Scoth(Scotch?) Polka. GHW.021

M.B.Polka,The. GHW.022

Pergola Polka. GHW.023

Watson's Quick Step. GHW.024

Polka. GHW.025

Huntsmans Chorus. GHW.026

Polka. GHW.027

Lilian Polka. GHW.028

Soldiers of the Queen,The. GHW.029

Holly Bush Polka. GHW.030

Snow Drop Schottische. GHW.031

Heel & Toe Polka. GHW.032 Sultan Polka,aka. GHW.032

Galop. GHW.033

Eclipse Galop,The. GHW.034

Second Violin. GHW.035

Bunch of Roses Schottische. GHW.036

Snow Drift Gallop. GHW.037 Jingle Bells,aka. GHW.037

Gold Ring Schottische. GHW.038

Holly Schottische. GHW.039

Solway Schottische. GHW.040

Haywards Schottische. GHW.041

Excelsior Schottische. GHW.042

Schottische. GHW.043

White Cockade Country Dance. GHW.044

Bric-a-Brac Schottische. GHW.045

Mountain Belle Schottische. GHW.046

Lawn Tennis Schottische,The. GHW.047

Spring Blossom Schottische,The. GHW.048

Pretty Martha Schottische. GHW.049

Hollyhock Schottische. GHW.050

Waltz,Country Dance. GHW.051

Blue Rhine Waltz. GHW.052

Little Annie Rooney. GHW.053

Kirks Hornpipe. GHW.054 West End,The,aka. GHW.054

Mairs Hornpipe. GHW.055

Harvest Home Hornpipe. GHW.056

Yarmouth Hornpipe. GHW.057 Rickett's Hp.,aka. GHW.057 Manchester Hp,.aka. GHW.057

Devil Among the tailors Country Dance. GHW.058

Fishers Hornpipe. GHW.059

Goumaldies Hornpipe. GHW.060 Grimaldi's Hp,aka. GHW.060 Alexander's Hp,aka. GHW.060

Beckels Hornpipe. GHW.061 ?aka. GHW.061

Tom Jolly's Hornpipe. GHW.062 Liverpool Hp.,aka. GHW.062

Jacksons Hornpipe. GHW.063

Rapers Hornpipe. GHW.064

Watson's Hornpipe. GHW.065 Hornpipe. GHW.065

Bang Up Hornpipe. GHW.066

Swanton Abbott Hornpipe,aka. GHW.067

Haste to the Wedding. GHW.068

Off She Goes. GHW.069

Touch the String. GHW.070 ?aka GHW.070

Collage Hornpipe. GHW.070

Ewan's Hornpipe. GHW.072 Navvie on the Line,aka. GHW.072

Kays Hornpipe. GHW.073 ?Hp,aka. GHW.073

Swiss Hornpipe,The. GHW..074

Victor Bowden's Hornpipe,aka. GHW.075

Lancashire Clog Dance. GHW.076

Miss Gaytons Hornpipe. GHW.077

Grimaldies Hornpipe. GHW.078 Alexander's Hp,aka. GHW.078

Amateur Hornpipe. GHW.079

Coltishall Slow Hornpipe,aka. GHW.080

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