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Winder, James

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Boney Lad. JaW.001 Because He Was A Bonny Lad,aka. JaW.001

Over The Water To Charlie. JaW.002

Chester Hornpipe. JaW.003

Green Sleeves. JaW.004

O'er The Hills And Far Away. JaW.005 Over The Hills,etc..aka. JaW.005

Paddy Wack. JaW.006

Come hast to the Wedding. JaW.007 Haste To The Wedding,aka. JaW.007 Rural Felicity,aka. JaW.007

Poor Men's Labours Never Done. JaW.008

Willy With Wisp. JaW.010

Buttard Peas. JaW.011 Buttered Peas,aka. JaW.011

Jack's Alive. JaW.012

Drive Aggy To Water Jigg JaW.009

Devil's Dream,The. JaW.013

Three Sheep Skins. JaW.014

Lord Stranger's Hornpipe. JaW.015 Lord Strange,aka. JaW.015

Souldies Joy. JaW.016 Soldiers Joy,aka. JaW.016

Peas Upon a Trencher. JaW.026

Iron Legs Hornpipe. JaW.017

Mistress Ceasey. JaW.018 Mrs. Casey,aka. JaW.018

Carol For Christmas Day,A. JaW.019

Flours of Edinburgh. JaW.020 Flowers Of Edinburgh. JaW.020

Cudll Me Cudy. JaW.021 Mad Moll. JaW.021 Peacock Followed The Hen,aka. JaW.021

Kendal Gill(Ghyll). JaW.022 Thomas & ?Snadeor?. JaW.022

White Cock-aid. JaW.023 White Cockade,aka. JaW.023

Female Rake,The. JaW.024

Trumpet Minuet. JaW.025

Highland Laddy. JaW.027

Lord Loudon's March. JaW.028

Scotch Gray's March. JaW.029

Short & Pretty(?). JaW.030

Thomas Houghton's.... JaW.031

Jack's Alive. JaW.032

Ould Highland Laddy,The. JaW.033 Old Highland Laddie,aka. JaW.033 Highland Laddie,aka. JaW.033

Farewell To Newcastle... JaW.034

Ally Croker. JaW.035

Shutters Hornpipe. JaW.036

Cuckoo's Nest. JaW.037 Come Ashore Jolly...aka. JaW.037 Jacky Tar,aka. JaW.037

Jackie Stewart's Reel. JaW.038

Illegible Jig. JaW.039

Daniel Cooper. JaW.040

Pantheon Cotillon,The. JaW.041 Grant's Rant. JaW.041

Rose Tree In Full Bloom,The. JaW.042

Auld Lan Syne. JaW.043

Sweet Home. JaW.044

Girl I Left Behind Me,The. JaW.045 Brighton Camp,aka. JaW.045

Stanley For Ever. JaW.046

Lovely Nancy. JaW.047

Devil To Pay,The. JaW.048

Duke of York March. JaW.049

King William's March. JaW.050 Shore's Maggot.or. JaW.050

Billy's A Bonney Lad. JaW.051

Election Tune. JaW.052

Highland Laddy,The. JaW.053

Moon & 7 Stars,The. JaW.054 Seven Stars,aka. JaW.054

May Day In The Morning. JaW.055

Fife Hunt. JaW.056

High Thee Jemmy Home Again. JaW.057

....Laddy, a gud tune. JaW.058 Because He Was A Bonnie Lad,aka. JaW.058

Come Hast to the Wedding. JaW.059 Haste To The Wedding. JaW.059 Rural Felicity,aka. JaW.059

Oyster Girl. JaW.060

Shuter's Hornpipe. JaW.061

I Cannot Help It Now. JaW.062

Slow March,The. JaW.063

Duke Of York March another way. JaW.064 Lancashire Hp,aka. JaW.064

Robert & John. JaW.065 Bob & Joan. JaW.065 Love and Whisky. JaW.065

Irish Washerwoman,The. JaW.066

Rigadoon. JaW.067

Minuet. JaW.068

Rigadoon. JaW.069

Broad Hoop. JaW.070

Minuet,A. JaW.071

Barley Raking. JaW.072

Dainel Cooper. JaW.073 Daniel Cooper. JaW.073

Scotch Hornpipe. JaW.074

Minuet,A. JaW.075

Minuet,A. JaW.076

Rigadoon. JaW.077

Minuet,A. JaW.078

Rigadoon,A. JaW.079

Drunken Barnaby. JaW.080

Go To Bed Betty and... JaW.081

Minuet,A. JaW.082

La Favourite Minuet. JaW.083

Rigadoon,A. JaW.084

Gracious Lady. JaW.085

Minuet,A. JaW.086

Rigadoon,A. JaW.087

Rigadoon,A. JaW.088

Minuet,A. JaW.089

Rigadoon,A. JaW.090

Bell-sids-Minuet. JaW.091 Belsize Minuet?aka. JaW.091

Peggy & Nancy Hornpipe. JaW.092 Pegg & Nan's Hornpipe. JaW.092

Spanish Jig. JaW.093

Rigadoon,A. JaW.094

Minuet,A. JaW.095

Macantash. JaW.096

Minuet,A. JaW.097

Minuet. JaW.098

Cheshire Round. JaW.099

Bridge of Lodi. JaW.100 Nelson's Hornpipe,aka. JaW.100 Saxon's Hornpipe,aka. JaW.100

Marquis Wellington. JaW.101

St Patrick's Day in The Morning. JaW.102 Barbary Bells,aka. JaW.102

Copenhagen Waltz. JaW.103 Danish Waltz. JaW.103

Duke of Bellug's(?) Quickstep. JaW.104

Russian's Dance. JaW.105

Morgiana in Spain. JaW.106

New Coldstream March. JaW.107

Paddy Carey. JaW.108

Christ Church Bells. JaW.109

Patrick Day in the Morning. JaW.110 Barbary Belles. JaW.110 St. Patrick's Day,aka. JaW.110

Mac Donald's Air. JaW.111

Good One Waltz,A. JaW.112

Trip To The Parish. JaW.113

Bugle March,The. JaW.114

Saturday Night, JaW.115 ?. JaW.115

Waltz. JaW.116

Good Tune,A. JaW.117

Hungarian Waltz. JaW.118

March. JaW.119

Off She Goes. JaW.120

Nelson Hornpipe. JaW.121

Fairey Dance. JaW.122

Banks And Braes,The. JaW.123

Illegible. JaW.124

Scotch Reel,A. JaW.125

Untitled. JaW.126

Slow March. JaW.127

Slow March. JaW.128

Untitled. JaW.129

... Fete?. Quick March. JaW.130 Weymouth Quickstep,aka. JaW.130

James Winder's Quick March. JaW.131

William Thompson's Allegro. JaW.132

Clarinet March. JaW.133

Quick March. JaW.134

Rush(?) Waltz. JaW.135

Illegible. JaW.136

March By T.Barry. JaW.137 Barry's March. JaW.137

Tink-a-Tink,aka. JaW.138

Ploughman,The. JaW.139

Crompton's Slow March. JaW.140

Crompton's Quick March. JaW.141

Illegible March. JaW.142

Quick Step. JaW.143

Untitled. JaW.144

Killing Jamey(?). JaW.145 Chilling O'Guiry,aka. JaW.145 Cats Dinner,The,aka. JaW.145

March By Marginghi. JaW.146 Marginghi's March. JaW.146

Captain Thornton's(?) Quick March. JaW.147

Thomas Atkinson's Quickstep. JaW.148

William Thompson's Bugle Solo. JaW.149

Rondo. JaW.150

Mary Jane(?). JaW.151

Untitled. JaW.152

Quick March. JaW.153

Moorhead's March. JaW.154 March By Moorhead. JaW.154

Waltz,A Good Tune. JaW.155

Volunas Waltz. JaW.156

Easter Sunday Waltz,aka. JaW.157

James Winder's Good Hp. JaW.158 Good Hornpipe,A. JaW.158

Ballyfier Waltz. JaW.159

Battle of Prague. JaW.160

Slow March. JaW.161

Wellington's,A Grand Waltz. JaW.162

Prussian Grand Waltz. JaW.163

Celebrated Waltz,The.2voices. JaW.164

Dutches Hamilton,of Wedicarmear(?). JaW.165 Duchess of Hamilton's Rant,aka. JaW.165

In My Cottage Near The Wood. JaW.166

Isle Of Sky. JaW.167

Knights Of Snowdonia. JaW.168

Voulez Vous Danser Mademoiselle. JaW.169 Portuguese Dance,The. JaW.169 Oats & Beans & Barley Grow,aka. JaW.169

Gentleman Hill's Quickstep. JaW.170

Be A Good Boy... JaW.171

Village Maid,The. JaW.172

Chips And Shavings. JaW.173

Jack Upon The Green. JaW.174

Young Man's Delight,The. JaW.175 Cuckoo's Nest,The. JaW.175

Never Give Over. JaW.176

Drops Of Brandy. JaW.177

Sayler's Delight. JaW.178

Through The Wood Laddie,Old Way. JaW.179

First of Aug,The. JaW.180

Register,The. JaW.181

Country Bumpkin. JaW.182

White Joak,The. JaW.183

MacDonald's Rant. JaW.184

Washer Woman,The. JaW.185

Cheshire Round. JaW.186

Farmer's Tune(?). JaW.187

Sweet Susan. JaW.188

Chamber's Lilt. JaW.189

Merrily Danced The Quaker. JaW.190

White Cock Aid Above Them All. JaW.191

Mac Donald's Reel. JaW.192

Green Hills of Tyrol. JaW.193

Your Verdant Shade... JaW.194

Is There A Heart... JaW.195

Banks & Braes,The. JaW.196

Celebrated Quadrell. JaW.197

Tekeli Tune. JaW.198 Tikeli,aka. JaW.198

Allen a Dale. JaW.199

Pray Goody. JaW.200

Cambrian Lyrist. JaW.201

Hope Told a Flattering Tale. JaW.202

March. JaW.203

Quick March. JaW.204

Jessee The Flour Of Dumblane. JaW.205

Quickstep Clarinet Primo. JaW.206

Nancy's Fancy. JaW.207

Untitled Quadrille. JaW.208

Ricker's Hornpipe. JaW.209

Quick March. JaW.210

Untitled Quadrille. JaW.211

Untitled Set Tune. JaW.212

Flowers Of Edinbourgh,The. JaW.213

Miss Mcleod. JaW.214

Green Groes The Rushes O. JaW.215

Astley's Hornpipe. JaW.216 Ashley's Hp,aka. JaW.216

My Love She's But A Lassie Yet. JaW.217

Gambles Are Coming. JaW.218 Campbells Are Coming,aka. JaW.218

Such A Getting Up Stairs. JaW.219 Getting Up Stairs,aka. JaW.219

Chinese Air. JaW.220

Old Father Christmas. JaW.221

Joe The (.......?). JaW.222 Lads A'Bunchum,Adderbury,aka. JaW.222

Blooming Molly. JaW.223

Push About The Jorum. JaW.224

Tom Fowler's Hornpipe. JaW.225 Tom Tollin;s Hp,aka. JaW.225 Tom Tolley's Hp,aka. JaW.225

Trip To The Paris. JaW.226 Trip To Paris,aka. JaW.226

Liverpool Hornpipe. JaW.227

Standish's Quick March. JaW.228

Quick Step. JaW.229

Scotch Hornpipe,A. JaW.230

Pretty Cotillion,A. JaW.231

Illegible Jig,The. JaW.232

K(..eep The To They Gill?). JaW.233

Blackamoor's Jigg. JaW.234

O Twine A Wratch(?) JaW.235 O Twine A Wreath,aka. JaW.235

Giovinetto Cavalier. JaW.236

Der Freishutz Waltz. JaW.237

Casper's Songs. JaW.238

Macintosh's Hornpipe. JaW.239

Huntsman's Chorus. JaW.240

Agnes. JaW.241

Jack Of Hazlden. JaW.242 Jock Of Hazeldene,aka. JaW.242 Girl I Left Behind Me,aka?. JaW.242

Le Solitaire. JaW.243

Parting Lovers,The. JaW.244 Jack in the Green,aka. Jaw.244

Lucy Dear. JaW.245

Faustus. JaW.246

Captain Clapperton. JaW.247

William Tell. JaW.248

Enterprize,The. JaW.249

Fly-Flappers,The. JaW.250

Algiers Waltz. JaW.251

Anatomie Vivante. JaW.252

Ould Ebony. JaW.253 Old Ebony. JaW.253

Uncle Gabhal(?). JaW.254 Uncle Gabriel,aka. JaW.254

Crusaders,The. JaW.255

Quite Correct. JaW.256

Walladmoor. JaW.257

Moneymusk,The. JaW.258

New German March,The JaW.259

Pad The Road,Sir. JaW.260

Royal Quickstep. JaW.261

Green Grows The Rushes. JaW.262

Holeywels Hornpipe. JaW.263 Holywells Hornpipe,aka. JaW.263

Peasant,The. JaW.264

Marleborrow,The. JaW.265 Malbrook,aka. JaW.265 We Won't Go Home...aka. JaW.265

When I Was A Prentice In My Youth. JaW.266

Give The Fiddler A Drink. JaW.267

Denty Davy. JaW.268 Dainty Davie,aka. JaW.268

There Is No Luck About The House. JaW.269 Nae Guid Luck Aboot The Hoose. JaW.269

Bonny Kate Of Aberdeen. JaW.270

Scotch Bamble,The. JaW.271

Gee Ho Dobbin. JaW.272

Maggy Louther. JaW.273 Maggie Lauder,aka. JaW.273

Nancy Dawson. JaW.274

Keep They Country Bonnie Lass. JaW.275

Joker,The. JaW.276

Siege Of Bellisle. JaW.277 Monk's March,aka. JaW.277 Bellisle March,aka. JaW.277

Foot's Minuet. JaW.278

Life Let Us Cherish. JaW.279

French Air. JaW.280 Twinkle Twinkle...aka. JaW.280

Johnny Magic(?). JaW.281 ?aka. JaW.281

Hearts Of Oak. JaW.282

King's Waltz. JaW.283

Hither To The Gill(?) Jaw.284

Down With The French. JaW.285

Black Joak. JaW.286

Fly Not Yet. JaW.287

Maid Of Lodi,The. JaW.288

Tobias(?) The Grinder. JaW.289 Grinders,The.aka. JaW.289 Our Bride is No Maid,aka. JaW.289

Drops Of Brandy. JaW.290

Allegretto. JaW.291

Bavarian Air. JaW.292

What Can The Matter Be.. JaW.293 Oh,Dear, What Can The... JaW.293

Come Under My Plaidy. JaW.294

Girl I Left Behind Me,The. JaW.295 Brighton Camp,aka. JaW.295

Home Sweet Home. JaW.296

Scotch Wallace B(....?) JaW.297 Scots Wae Hae,aka. JaW.297

Miss McLeod. JaW.298

Merry-go-round,The. JaW.299

Robinson Crusoe. JaW.300 ?aka JaW.300

Friskey,The. JaW.301

New Hornpipe,A. JaW.302

Princess Royal. JaW.303

Fisher's Hornpipe. JaW.304

Spainish Spy,The. JaW.305

Barney Let The Girl Alone. JaW.306 Polly Put The Kettle On,aka. JaW.306

Come Let Us Away To The Camp. JaW.307

Trip To Plymouth,A. JaW.308

Funny Eyes(?). JaW.309 Salmon Tails,aka. JaW.309 Salmon Tails up the Water,aka. JaW.309 Trip to Aberdeen,aka. JaW.309 Banks of Inverness,The,aka. JaW.309

Sailor Laddie,The. JaW.310

New Castle Hornpipe. JaW.311 Kirkgate Hp,aka. Jaw.311

Patter On Pitter On. JaW.312

Waddington Tune. JaW.313

Miss West's Favourite Tune. JaW.314

Grand Quickstep,A. JaW.315

Swiss Boy - Quadrille. JaW. 316

Oyster Girl. JaW.317

Buy A Broom - Boy. JaW.318

Harvest Home. JaW.319

Geminiani's Minuet. JaW.320

Fairwell Ye Green Fields. JaW.321 Farewell Ye Green Fields,aka. JaW.321

Bonny Jane. JaW.322

Jigg,A. JaW.323

Duke Marlborough's March. JaW.325

Col. Thornton's March. JaW.326

Copenhagen Waltz. JaW.327

Lady (Of) The Lake,The. JaW.328

Capt. Macintosh's Fancy. JaW.324 Captain Mackintosh's Fancy,aka. JaW.324

Rokeby. JaW.329

Out. JaW.330 ?aka. JaW.330

Calabria. JaW.331

Prime of Life. JaW.332

Spanish Dance,The. JaW.333

St. Sebastian. JaW.334

Fanncy. JaW.335

Belinda. JaW.336

Ould Original Scotch Air,An. JaW.337

Mozart's Rome Waltz. JaW.338

Coltin's Waltz,aka. JaW.339 Waltz,By Coltins. JaW.339

Staffordshire Militia March. JaW.340

Coltin's Slow March,aka. JaW.341 Slow March. JaW.341

Peggy. JaW.342 Four & Twenty Blackbirds,aka. JaW.342

Recovery,The. JaW.343

Lady Caroline (..?) Waltz. JaW.344 Cushy Butterfield,aka. Jaw.344 Pretty Polly Perkins,aka. Jaw.344

Orange & Blue. JaW.345

James' Reel,aka. JaW.346 Reel. JaW.346

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