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Sands, Thomas

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'Thomas Sands's Book, March 12th 1810'

Added to for a number of years in the same hand, plus a handful of tunes added c1840 in two further hands.
From a private collection

Transcribed to ABC for www.village-music-project.org.uk by Ruairidh Greig October 2011

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%'Thomas Sands's Book, March 12th 1810' Lincolnshire
%added to for a number of years in the same hand,
%plus a handful of tunes added c1840 in two further hands.
%From a private collection
%Transcribed to ABC for www.village-music-project.org.uk
%by Ruairidh Greig October 2011

Dame Durden TS.001

To all good Lasses. TS.002

Oh Dear what can the matter be. TS.003

God Save the King TS.004

Nancy Dawson TS.005 Piss on the Grass,aka TS.005

Moll in the Wad TS.006

Balance a Straw TS.007 Lads A Bunchum,aka TS.007 Wearing of the Green,aka TS.007 Tulip,The,aka TS.007

I will gang no more to yon Town TS.008 Devil in a Bush,The,aka TS.008 England's Glory,aka TS.008 Mayday,aka TS.008 Duke of Sussex's Reel,aka TS.008 Mr.Small's Favourite Reel,aka TS.008

Fishers Hornpipe TS.009 Egg Hp,aka TS.009 Lord Howe's Hp,aka TS.009 Peckhover Walk Hp,aka TS.009 China Orange Hp,aka TS.009

Wright's Hornpipe TS.010

Worster Hp,The,aka TS.011 Worcester Hp,aka TS.011 Navy Hp,The,aka TS.011 New Bridge Hp,The,aka TS.011

March by Dobney TS.012

March TS.013

Waltz TS.014

Minuet TS.015

Andante TS.016

Giga TS.017

Moderato TS.018

Siciliano TS.019

Allegretto TS.020

Andante TS.021

Minuet TS.022

Giga TS.023

Allegretto TS.024

Andantino TS.025

Minuet TS.026

Allegro Moderato TS.027

Largetto TS.028

Roslin Castle TS.029

Plato's Advice TS.030

Bower Waltz, The. TS.031

Life let us Cherish TS.032

My Wife foolish young thing TS.033

Bonny Charley TS.034 King of the Fairies,aka TS.034 King William of Orange,aka TS.034

I'll be Marri'd on Tuesday TS.035 Greensleeves?aka TS.035

Sylph,The. TS.036 Plymouth Lasses,aka TS.036 Hark to the Wittendale Hunt,aka TS.036

Michael Wiggins TS.037

Beggar Girl, The TS.038

Untitled TS.039

Wood's Hornpipe TS.040

Minuet TS.041

Minuet TS.042

New so Bell TS.043

Draught,The. TS.044

Russian Dance,The TS.045 Opera Hat,aka TS.045

Duke of Sussex's Reel TS.046 Mayday,aka TS.046 England's Glory,aka TS.046

Princess Royal TS.047

Miss Brown's Reel TS.048 Scotch Mary,aka TS.048 Heart of the Roll,The,aka TS.048

Stoke Hornpipe,aka TS.049

Hornpipe TS.050

Hornpipe TS.051

Persian Dance,The TS.052 Galopede,aka TS.052

Morgiana in Ireland TS.053

Lord Cathcart's Fav't TS.054

Waltz TS.055

Angelic March,The TS.056

Gavotte by Correlli,A TS.057

Honest Yorkshireman's Hornpipe,The. TS.058

Waltz TS.059

March TS.060

G M TS.061

Duke of Perth,The, aka TS.062 Reel,untitled in MS TS.062

Jigg TS.063

Hornpipe TS.064

Hornpipe TS.065

Hornpipe TS.066

Paddy's Resource TS.067

Maria's Frolick TS.068

Double Kisses TS.069 Kiss Her Twice, aka TS.069

Chapter of Kings,The TS.070

Turks March TS.071

Admiral Collingwood's March TS.072

Miss Mar. Lees Farewell TS.073

14th February or Valentine's Day TS.074 Valentine's Day TS.074

My Lady TS.075

Henry's Cottage Maid TS.076

Deep Nine,The TS.077

Lads Of Dunce,The TS.078 Ladds Dance,The, aka TS.078

And Keep your Hair Dry TS.079

Lady Montgomery's Reel TS.080

Lady Mary Ramsay's Reel TS.081 Mary Ramsay TS.081

Italian Morpheana TS.082 Italian Monferina,aka TS.082 Monferina,aka TS.082

Miss Grimstrobs Hornpipe TS.083 Bridge of Lodi,The,aka TS.083 Saxon's Hornpipe,aka TS.083 Nelson's Hornpipe,aka TS.083 Lord Nelson's Hornpipe,aka TS.083

Prize,The TS.084

Lincoln Hornpipe TS.085 Fisher's Hornpipe,aka TS.085

Nelson's Victory Hornpipe TS.086

Mrs Smollet's Favourite TS.087

Dutchess of Devonshire's Reel,The TS.088

Frogmore Farm TS.089

New Drury TS.090

New Floating Battery TS.091

Mr Benton's Hornpipe TS.092 Holywell Hp,aka TS.092

Lord Ramsey's Reel TS.093

Miss Murray of Archentyre's Reel TS.094 Miss Murray of Auchtertyre's Strathespey,aka TS.094

Lady Caroline Lees Waltz TS.095 Hanoverian Waltz TS.095

Lady Hamilton's New Waltz TS.096

Waltz TS.097

Miller of Droan TS.098 Miller of Drone,aka TS.098

Hornpipe TS.099

Lord Nelson's Waltz TS.100

Lord Nelson's Hornpipe TS.101 Miss Grimstrobs Hornpipe,aka TS.083 Bridge of Lodi,The,aka TS.083 Saxon's Hornpipe,aka TS.083 Nelson's Hornpipe,aka TS.083

Saymor's Reel TS.102 Seymour's Reel,aka TS.102 Torryburn Lasses,aka TS.102 Tadie's Wattle,aka TS.102

Colibri TS.103

Hibbinson's Fancy TS.104

1st A TS.105

2nd A TS.106

3rd A TS.107

Dutchess of Athol's Strathspey, The TS.108

Old Thro' the Wood Laddy TS.109

Mac Donalds Reel TS.110

Devil's Dream,The TS.111 Devil among the Tailors,aka TS.111

Venus at Play TS.112

Hornpipe TS.113

Smiths Hornpipe TS.114 Lancaster Hornpipe,aka TS.114 Swan's Hornpipe,aka TS.114 Fox In The Dumps,aka TS.114 Exiseman's Hp,aka TS.114

Adm. Duncan's Hornpipe TS.115 Tumblers Hornpipe,aka TS.115 Washington Hornpipe,aka TS.115

Jugler,The TS.116

Spanish Dollar TS.117

Witty Hornpipe TS.118

Hornpipe TS.119

Millers Hornpipe TS.120

Hornpipe TS.121

Sheffield Hornpipe TS.122

Kite Hornpipe TS.123

Lord Mac Donald's Reel TS.124

Sylphs,The TS.125 New Sylphs,Tha,aka TS.125 Bill Hall's No.1,aka TS.125

Tank,The TS.126

Muses,The TS.127

Sweet Susan of the Garrett TS.128

Sir T.H. Liddell's Favorite TS.129

Crop the Croppies TS.130

Miss Gow's Fancy TS.131

Mrs Marsden's Favourite TS.132

Drops of Brandy TS.133

Hornpipe TS.134

Prince of Wales Hornpipe TS.135 Worster Hp,aka TS.135 Worcester HP,aka TS.135

Deans Hornpipe TS.136

Waistcoat Pocket Hornpipe,The TS.137

Croppies Lie Down TS.138 Go to the Devil and Shake Yourself,aka TS.138 When Sick is it Tea You Want?aka TS.138 Penniless Traveller,The,aka TS.138

Opera Hat,The TS.139

Monzani TS.140 Morgiano TS.140 Morgiana,aka TS.140

Voulez vous danser Madamoiselle TS.141 Oats & Beans & Barley Grow,aka TS.141 Ninepins,aka TS.141

Duncan's Hornpipe TS.142 Tumbler's Hornpipe,aka TS.142 Washington Hornpipe,aka TS.142

Duke of Norfolk's Hornpipe TS.143

Prince Edward's Fancy TS.144

Figure of Five TS.145

Northumberland, or Bree is Loose TS.146 Northumberland Lady,aka TS.146 Breeches Loose,aka TS.146

Cuckow Solo TS.147

Duke of Cumberland's Reel, The TS.148

Borks Hornpipe TS.149

Tank,The TS.150

Duke of Perth's Reel TS.151

West Hornpipe TS.152 Fisher's Hornpipe,aka TS.152

Shooters Hornpipe TS.153 Shuter's Hp,aka TS.153

P. of Wales's Hornpipe TS.154 Prince of Wales's Hornpipe,aka TS.154 Worster Hp,aka TS.154 Worcester Hp,aka TS.154

Daniels Hornpipe TS.155 Duncan's Hornpipe TS.155 Tumbler's Hornpipe,aka TS.155 Washington Hornpipe,aka TS.155

Reel TS.156

It winna do, or Mr Watt's Reel TS.157 Mr Watt's Reel TS.157

Calder Fair TS.158

Sheffield Hornpipe TS.159

Copenhagen TS.160

Liverpool Hp,aka TS.161 Hornpipe,untitled in MS TS.161

Thomas Sands' Three-Parter,aka TS.162

Hornpipe TS.163

Goulds Hornpipe TS.164 Merry Sherwood Rangers, aka TS.164 Durham Rangers,aka TS.164

Countess of Sutherland's Reel TS.165

Sicilian Dance,The TS.166

No-Body TS.167 Davy-Davy Knick-Knack,aka TS.167 La Belle Isabelle,aka TS.167

Pleasant Reel,The TS.168 Devil in a Bush,aka TS.168 Parson in the Suds,aka TS.168 Kincaldrum's Reel,aka TS.168

Miss Well's Reel TS.169

Sweet Jessy TS.170 Jessie, The Flower of Dunblane,aka TS.170

Newcastle Hornpipe TS.171 Kirkgate Hornpipe,aka TS.171

Norwich Hornpipe TS.172 Liverpool Hornpipe,aka TS.172

Wright's Hornpipe TS.173

Rowley Belt's #1Hornpipe,aka TS.174

Sweet Jessy TS.175 Jessie, The Flower of Dunblane,aka TS.175

Rule Brittannia TS.176

Old Towler TS.177

Brighton Camp TS.178 Girl I left behind me,The TS.178

O Dear what can the matter be TS.179

Paddy Carey TS.180

Gobby O, The TS.181

Miss Adams Hornpipe TS.182

March,A TS.183

Bugle Solo TS.184

Tail Toddle TS.185

John Anderson my Jo TS.186

Woo'd and Married and a' TS.187 Irishman's Choice,aka TS.187 My Mind Will Never be Easy,aka TS.187 New Widow Well Married,aka TS.187

Cauliflower, The TS.188

Drummer's Rant, The TS.189

Trip to the Oatlands, A. TS.190

In the dead of the Night TS.191

Fairy Dance, The TS.192

Kiss My Lady TS.193

Kiss My Lady TS.194

Speed the Plough TS.195

Caledonian Laddy, The TS.196 Lea Riggs,The,aka TS.196 My Ain Kind Deary O,aka TS.196 Lollipop Man,The,aka TS.196

Hull Dock Company's March TS.197

Bonny Ann TS.198

Golden days of good Queen Bess, The TS.199

Sailors Allegory, The TS.200

Calais Packet TS.201 Hunting the Hare,aka TS.201

Hunting Chorus, The TS.202 Huntsman's Chorus,aka TS.202

Buy a Broom TS.203 Bavarian Air, A TS.203 O Du Lieber Augustin,aka TS.203

Jenny Jones TS.204

Butter'd Pease TS.205

Reel TS.206

Freichuzt's Quadrille, Der TS.207 Freischutz Quadrille,Der,aka TS.207 Huntsman's Chorus,aka TS.207

Anna TS.208

Jockey to the Fair TS.209

Black Joke,The TS.210

Trip to Gretford TS.211 Trip to Oxford,aka TS.211

Hunters Chorus to Der Friechuzt TS.212

Hornpipe TS.213

Quadrille TS.214

Smash the Windows TS.215

Cameronian Rant, The TS.216

Dusty Miller,The TS.217

Dusty Miller,The,aka TS.218

Countess of Sutherland's Reel,The TS.219

Sand's Reel,aka TS.220

Lady Charlotte Lenox's Strathspey TS.221

Untitled TS.222

Untitled TS.223

Untitled TS.224

Rowley Belt's #2Hornpipe,aka TS.225

Duke of Cumberland's Reel, The TS.226

Miss Murray of Archentyres Reel TS.227 Miss Murray of Auchtertyres Reel,aka TS.227

Paddy O Carol TS.228

Ap Shenkin TS.229

Farrier's Reel TS.230

Miss Fletcher's Reel TS.231

Nelson's Hornpipe TS.232 Lord Nelson's Hornpipe,aka TS.101 Miss Grimstrobs Hornpipe,aka TS.083 Bridge of Lodi,The,aka TS.083 Saxon's Hornpipe,aka TS.083

Hornpipe TS.233

Mrs McCarty's Reel TS.234

College Hornpipe TS.235

I'll make you fain to follow me TS.236

Miss Green's Hornpipe TS.237

Guardian Hornpipe TS.238

Hornpipe TS.239

Stoney Steps,aka TS.240 Hornpipe,untitled in MS TS.240

Hornpipe TS.241

Scotch Reel TS.242

Mr Clark's Hornpipe TS.243

Gayton's Hornpipe TS.244 Miss Gayton's Hp,aka TS.244

Hornpipe TS.245

Perth Hunt,The TS.246

Wilkinson's Hornpipe TS.247

E A Hornpipe TS.248

Sicilian Dance, The TS.249

Mr C.Clark's Hornpipe TS.250

Hornpipe TS.251

New May Day TS.252

Stirling Castle TS.253

Bilsby Hornpipe TS.254

Hornpipe TS.255

Gypsies Hornpipe TS.256

Casterlenor's Hornpipe TS.257

Astley's Hornpipe TS.258

South Down Hornpipe TS.259

Rory O'More TS.260

Earl St Vincent's Hornpipe TS.261

Stoney Steps Hornpipe TS.262

Rick's Hornpipe TS.263

Queen Victoria's Waltz TS.264

Foresters Sound the Cheerful Horn TS.265

Morning Hymn TS.266

Evening Hymn TS.267

Henrietta's Favourite TS.268

Hornpipe TS.269

Psalm 80th TS.270

Abbot's Hornpipe TS.271

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