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%%abc-alias Joshua Burnett MS
%%abc-creator ABCexplorer 1.4.0 [10/01/2012]
%Joshua Burnett's MS, c1835
%From a collection in VWML,C# House
%Transcribed to ABC for www.village-music-project.org.uk
%by Ruairidh Greig January 2011

Hesley Hornpipe. JBu.01

Fiddlesticks Hornpipe. JBu.02 North Star,aka. JBu.02, The

Untitled. JBu.03

Miss Gordons Dance. JBu.04

Sheffield Hornpipe. JBu.05

King Wm Hornpipe. JBu.06

Abbott's Hornpipe. JBu.07

Miss Gordon Hornpipe. JBu.08

Untitled Waltz. JBu.09

Would You Have/Court a Young Virgin of Fifteen?aka. JBu.10 La Native,aka. JBu.10 Poor Robin's Maggot,aka. JBu.10 If The Heart of a Man is Depressed With Cares,aka. JBu.10

Chatam Hornpipe. JBu.11 Chatham Hornpipe,aka. JBu.11

Young May Moon,The. JBu.12

A Favourite Jigg. JBu.13

Clyde Side Lasses. JBu.14

Milto(n?) Hornpipe. JBu.15 Gipsey Hornpipe,aka. JBu.15

Logie of Buchan. JBu.16

Hearlequeen Hornpipe. JBu.17 Harlequin Hornpipe,aka. JBu.17

Downs Hornpipe. JBu.18

Peacock Hornpipe. JBu.19

Lewden Hill Hornpipe,aka. JBu.20

Kendal Green Hornpipe,aka. JBu.21

Samuel Hawkes' Hornpipe,aka. JBu.22

Reform Hornpipe. JBu.23 Cliff Hornpipe,aka. JBu.23

Tumblers Hornpipe. JBu.24 Washington Hornpipe,aka. JBu.24

Keys Hornpipe. JBu.25 Kite Hornpipe,aka. JBu.25

Butter fly Hornpipe. JBu.26

Brown Paper Hornpipe. JBu.27

Paradise Hornpipe,aka. JBu.28

Weste Hornpipe. JBu.29 Morpeth Rant,aka. JBu.29

Lady of the Lake. JBu.30, The

Dance in Rob Roy. JBu.31

Lord Byron. JBu.32

Cumberland Reel. JBu.33

Oyster Girl. JBu.34

Masons Apron. JBu.35

Fly. JBu.36, The

Reel. JBu.37

Manchester Hornpipe. JBu.38

Saxons Hornpipe. JBu.39

Nelson Hornpipe. JBu.40 Liverpool Hp,aka. JBu.40

Haste to the Wedding. JBu.41

Through the Wood Laddie. JBu.42

Swaines Hornpipe. JBu.43

Liverpool Hornpipe. JBu.44

Morison Hornpipe. JBu.45

Miss Anns Hornpipe. JBu.46 Railway Hornpipe,aka. JBu.46, The

Worcester Hornpipe,aka. JBu.47, The New Bridge,aka. JBu.47, The Navy,aka. JBu.47, The

Sligo Hornpipe. JBu.48 Quick's Hornpipe,aka. JBu.48

Speed the Plough. JBu.49

New Gipsey Hornpipe. JBu.50

Sheffield Rant. JBu.51

Month of May, The.. JBu.52

Worsbro Hornpipe. JBu.53 Worsbro(ugh) Hornpipe. JBu.53 Gooseberry Hornpipe,aka. JBu.53

Kershaw Hornpipe. JBu.54 Lady Flashdash Hornpipe,aka. JBu.54 Duke's Hornpipe,aka. JBu.54 Black's Hornpipe,aka. JBu.54 Loyalist Hornpipe,aka. JBu.54

Sharps Hornpipe. JBu.55 Vinton's Hp,aka. JBu.55

Cooper's Hornpipe. JBu.56 Swan's Hornpipe,aka. JBu.56 Exiseman's Hornpipe,aka. JBu.56, The Fox in the Dumps,aka. JBu.56, The

James Knight's Hornpipe,aka. JBu.57

Robinson Hornpipe. JBu.58

Old Nelson Hornpipe. JBu.59 Nelson Hornpipe,aka. JBu.59 Flying Coach,aka. JBu.59, The

Downs Third Hornpipe. JBu.60

New London Hornpipe. JBu.61 Wonder Hornpipe. JBu.61, The

Brumby's Hornpipe,aka. JBu.62

Fishers Hornpipe. JBu.63

Waterloo Dance. JBu.64 Timour the Tartar,aka. JBu.64 Blanchland Races,aka. JBu.64

Paganninis 2nd Hornpipe. JBu.65

Greenage Hornpipe. JBu.66

Blanches Hornpipe. JBu.67

Joseph Ward's Hornpipe,aka. JBu.68

Ashley. JBu.69

Mony Musk. JBu.70

Durham Hornpipe. JBu.71

New Castle Hornpipe. JBu.72 Kirkgate Hornpipe,aka. JBu.72

Preston Hornpipe. JBu.73

Hornpipe. JBu.74

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