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Chappell's One Hundred Scotch Melodies

Transcribed from an early 20th Century publication.

Annie Laurie

Kelvin Grove

Scots, Wae Hae Wi' Wallace Bled

Land O' The Leal, The

Busk Ye, Busk Ye

Bonnie Prince Charlie

O Whistle An' I'll Come to Ye my Lad

Flowers of the Forest, The (Old Air)

Flowers of the Forest, The (Modern Air)

Here Awa', There Awa'

O Waly, Waly Up Yon Bank

Bush Aboon Traquair, The

Logie O' Buchan

Comin' Through the Rye

Of A' the Airts the Wind Can Blaw

Auld Robin Gray

Up in the Morning Early

My Sheep I Neglected My Apron Dearie

I'm O'er Young to Marry Yet

Come O'er the Stream to Charlie


Green Grow the Rashes O

Weary Fund O'Tow, The

My Love She's But a Lassie Yet

Lewie Gordon

Gypsie Laddie, The Wae's Me For Prince Charlie

Laid O' Cockpen, The

Waefu' Heart, The

Duncan Gray

Corn Rigs Are Bonnie

O Charlie Is My Darling

There Cam' a Young Man to My Daddies Door

My Boy Tammy

Johnnie Cope

My Ain Kind Dearie O

Locheil's March

Man's Man for A' That, A

Ca the Yowes to the Knowes

Braes of Balquidder, The

Tak Your Old Cloak About Ye

O Willie Brew'd a Peck O' Maut

Farewell to Lochaber

Ye Banks and Braes

Katherine Ogie

Auld Lang Syne

And Ye Shall Walk in Silk Attire

Mary Morrison

John Anderson, My Jo

For the Sake O Somebody

Saw Ye Johnnie Comin'

Wha Wadna Fight For Charlie

Bonnie Dundee

Jock O' Hazeldean

There's Nae Luck About the House

Lothian Lassie, The

Highlander's Farewell , The

Caller Herrin

Robin Adair

Keel Row, The

Roy's Wife of Aldivalloch

Maggie Lauder

Within a Mile of Edinburgh

When the Kye Come Hame

Blue Bells of Scotland, The

Lass O' Gowrie, The

We're a Noddin

Highland Lad My Love Was Born, A

Alistair MacAlastair

My Jo Janet

Wilt Thou Be My Dearie

Comin' Through the Broom or Gala Water

Bessie Bell and Mary Gray

Bonnie House o' Airlie, The

Campbells are Comin', The

My Heart's in the Highlands

My Nannie O

Souters O' Selkirk, The

Get Up and Bar the Door

Mill O, The

Johnnie M'Gill

Saw Ye My Wee Thing

Birks of Aberfeldie, The

Bonnie Laddie, Highland Laddie

Blue Bonnets O'er the Border

Boatie Rows, The

O Gin Ye Were Dead, Gudeman

Barbara Allan

O My Love is Like the Red, Red Rose

My Ain Fireside

Will Ye Gang to the Ewe Bughts, Marion


Welcome Royal Charlie

He's O'er the Hills That I Lo'e Well

Prince Charlie's Welcome to the Isle of Skye

Flora McDonald's Lament

He's Comin' Again

In the Garb of Old Gaul

Blithe, Blithe and Merry Are We

Lass of Patie's Mill, The

Good Night and Joy Be Wi' Ye A'

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